have something for sale???

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By summbear48
My son got bored of the mx500 so time to poney up.
Added an extra battery (52v hot off the charger) Btw the controller fet says 60v...
That made it much more fun.
Then I opened up the controller and added two more shunts to up the amperage.



I am 185 lbs and it will now do a wheelie from a stand still with me in it. Hindsight started to be concerned with my son!
Also shunted a brushless controller that will go on my mx650 daddy bike (48v 1800w 4500rpm brushless motor)




If you are comfortable with soldering, this is super easy and will transform your controller...
By robnewyork
sweet ! i guess the real limitation to this mod , is how long it will last.. ive seen em last forever , and ive seen em last 3 days.. hows the motor temp so far, and whats the top speed?
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Definitely going to pick one up.

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i'm digging the new setup, any progress?