have something for sale???

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By Dannyboy661
Just like the title state's,
I have a(n) Razor E150: Frame, Stock Controller, Stock Motor, Wire Harness, Rear Wheel, Front wheel, Throttle, Front Brakes. .. Includes everything Listed.
***MINUS THE 2 12v BATTERIES (Not Included)
I'm not to sure the specs on the Electric Scooter, so I won't go in to full details about it. Has everything almost ready to ride all you need is 2 12v batteries.
Great for younger kids as a first electric scooter,
Why you still reading this ad, upgrade from a regular bicycle to 24v Razor E150 Scooter.. It's a kids dream, or a great e-mod for you e-bike fanatics.. Call or Text me (661)497-2126 Ask For DANNY
Located in Bakersfield, California
Throw a REASONABLE offer willing to negotiate. I'd prefer local buyer's or if your willing to pay for shipping & handling.
If you want more info hit me up on the provided number or email me @
*** Also willing to trade for Schwinn S750 Direct Drive Electric Scooter (Parts)
As I'm in need of a new throttle, battery cover and ESC rated 24v 40 amp

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