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By bassiclyLouDog
Automatically run 48 or 60v but then where to put them lol 2 35ah weigh 50lb. After running 12ah I'm going with no less than 22ah making a bracket wouldn't be impossible. I'd probably bolt 2 l brackets to the frame then screw in the motor. Not the most secure but welding a face plate is a bit daunting. I say look for a go kart. Mini bike frames are fairly easy to come by. I believe you can even buy a straight up doodle frame new for $100-$200. A bit pricey. The key is finding one that isn't collectable. Old rupp or taco frame are valuable to the right people. I got lucky a few years ago and scored a roper with a 5.5hp for $150. It had rear suspension. I swapped out my mx forks for suspension and braking.
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By bassiclyLouDog
12v would be much smaller leaving room for batteries. I'm hoping 24v will be impressive enough for me to be satisfied. Maybe 36v on the 12v motor but that maybe too much for it to handle. I prefer the bracket and closed can of the 12v over the opentire Ohio
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By bassiclyLouDog
Open backed Ohio motor. I see it getting dirty quick. Waiting on a frame can take awhile. I've been looking since Aug when I moved out here. The night I got the doodle I almost settled on a rusty frame and hour away for $100. It had tires that came with it. It had a 3 bolt hub for a brake drum. I've tried one before with no luck. This motor has potential but not for this pile of tube metal with no shocks. If I were to do this it'd be with a larger bike or a small quad frame. I saw one of those posted for $120 I imagine 5 18ah make a nice bank.
By robnewyork
dude i ran my leeson is snow with snow in the motror, these industrials care about rpms and heat, not dirt or snow.. dont worry about space that dude fit a 16 hp gas predator to his u have room but yea staying low volt is good.
By robnewyork
were it me id stick to the 12 volt motor initially discussed with yk 43b and 2 35ah batteries ..
batts 130
yk 40
motor 108
278 and some work
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By bassiclyLouDog
Still think you can build this motor up. Push comes to shove I'll but it and make a beast scoot that weighs 200lbs. If it'll rip at 25mpH better than a gasser then hey. Think I can bracket it well enough by the base with L pieces
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By bassiclyLouDog
I think I could just bolt down the line brackets then bolt the motor to them. No welding for me.
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