have something for sale???

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By modderguy
I bought these years ago and never got around to using them. Brand new still in their bubble wrap. The 4qd controllers are known as uniquely reliable controllers, though I have no personal experience.
I used to do a lot of scooter modification, mostly on the Currie/Schwinn electric scooters. Was know for the dual motor kits that I sold via EVDeals.com and directly. Also the Powerpack Motor brushless combo. I'm pretty much out of the hobby now but have a lot of equipment that I'm finally shedding. Including these controllers.
I see them listed at over $100 at Robotcombat.com. I think I listed them at Ebay for $55 but I'm open to offers

They can be picked up at ebay but I'm happy to deal direct with members.

So: 4qd Uni 8 48v 80amp brushed motor controller $55 obo

Tim O'Brien

Hi Tim, what other Currie stuff do you have that you'll be parting with? Myself I currently have 3 versions of the 36v 1000w gearbox scooters (Stealth, Fusion, Ezip 1000) & a Schwinn missile so I may be interested depending on what it is.

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