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By modderguy
I bought a large quantity of these motors years ago. I have just a few left. I have them listed at but of course can sell direct as well. Probably a familiar motor to many it's a basic brushless internally controlled 24v motor Pot throttled(though it's not hard to rig a hall throttle to one).
Good for hobbies since it's all in one nature makes it simple to use. Can handle some overvolting on an appropriate external controller. They handle 48v but I wouldn't recommend more than 36v. Easier than some brushless motors to rewire for change to CW(they ship as CCW) due to the easy hall sensor/phase wire access. For the same reason they're easy to wire for external control. $50 at ebay, Same here. I have 3 left.
Voltage boost 24 -> 36v on the fly

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Going to be awesome! Keep us posted.