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This is Cherry Zhou from Taizhou Quanshun Motor Co., Ltd in Taizhou City, China ("QSMOTOR" in short).
My contact informaiton
-Tel: +86 0576 88551619
-Skype: cherry.zhou860
-QQ: 530759683
-WhatsApp / WeChat: +8613515866403
-Email: cherry@tzquanshun.com

We're the MANUFACTURER of high quality & power Electric Bike/Scooter/Car Hub in-wheel motor (CE approved) with competitive price for more than 10 years!
Ranging 500W~16kW Rated, 48~144V, 30~120KPH, with the customers of Terra Motors, Current Motor, Lightning Motorcycles, etc.
Official web: http://www.cnqsmotor.com/en/ (under construction)
Web on Alibaba: http://qsmotor.en.alibaba.com/ http://tzquanshun.en.alibaba.com/


Company Introduction
Taizhou Quanshun Motor Co., Ltd.("QSMOTOR" in short) started to research the electric vehicle motor in 2000, and began to produce in mass production of Brushless DC PMSM electric hub motor(350w-800w) in 2003.
In 2006, QS researched and developed the mass produce high power Brushless DC electric hub motor(1000w~8000w), which open a new big market.
QS has the diversified models with the complete range of motor power, By using high-grade inner configuration, the motors have high efficiency(85%~92%) and low loss on electricity transform, long working life(3~5 years). The Full and complete inspection for all motors before shipping, Low repair rate(below 1%).
We also support the OEM/ODM. The other advantage of Quanshun motor is it with patent magnetic circuit design, automatic transmission, etc.

For the certificates, QS Motor has passed ISO9001, CE, CCC certificates, and we strictly implement TS16949 system.
Meanwhile, we own factory inspection report by SGS.
For the Products research & development,
QS motor Invest 5% of sales in products research & development annually.
Exported assembly electric vehicle: we cooperated with indigenous high-end electric motorcycle manufacturers,
such as: UGbest, Jonway, Yadea, Luyuan, E-max/Vmoto.
And We established a long-term cooperation relationship with Mahindra GenZe, Terra Motors,
Lightning Motorcycles, ZEV, Current Motor etc.

Btw., Taizhou Quanshun Vechicle Accessories Co., Ltd. is sister company of QSMOTOR, who focus on
aluminum electric bike/tricycle/scooter wheel rim, and able to open new mold of front & Rear wheel
for hub motor.
To open new mould, please provide 2D (dwg format) or 3D (STP format).
-Web: www.tzquanshun.com tzquanshun.en.alibaba.com

Advantages of QSMOTOR
1. MANUFACTURER of high quality Electric Bike/Scooter/Tricycle/Car In-wheel Hub Motor (CE approved) with competitive price for 10 years!
Ranging 350W~10kW, 48~150V, 30~120KPH, with the customers of Mahindra GenZe, Terra Motors, E-max, Lightning Motorcycles, etc.
2. Good Quality Control. Choose good raw materials from the beginning to the end,
All the motor are inspected before delivery.
Long working life(3-5 years), High Efficiency (84-92%), repair rate less than 1%.
3. Well-trained sales and engineers provide you with professional solutions & after sale issues.
CAD Drawing & Test Report are available.
4. Support OEM/ODM and Open New Mould for New Motors (e.g. 17"X6.0" 12kw rated motor).
Main parameters could be customized, e.g., RPM/kV, dimension of axle, PCD & CB of brake & wheel, Temp Sensor, customized Logo on side cover.

QS Motor Productions
(1). Electric Scooter-motorcycle Motor & kits
(2). Electric Spoke Motor & kits
For E-bike
205 E-bike Spoke Motor 500W-800W PCD6*44mm 135mm Drop-outs(for single-speed freewheel) 150mm drop-out (for 7-speed freewheel).
205 E-bike Spoke Motor 1000W-3000W PCD6*44mm 150mm Drop-outs(for single-speed freewheel)
273 E-bike Spoke Motor 1500W-4000W PCD6*44mm 152mm Drop-outs(for single-speed freewheel)
For E-motorcycle
205 E-motorcycle Spoke Motor 1000W-3000W PCD3*80mm 200mm Drop-outs
273 E-motorcycle Spoke Motor 3000W-8000W PCD3*80mm 200mm Drop-outs
Attached "QS E-Bike E-Motorcycle Spoke Hub Motor List".
(3). Electric Car Hub Motor Motor & kits
(4). Electric Single-Shaft Motor & kits
(5). Electric E-bike Integrated Motor & kits
(6). BLDC PMSM Non Hubmotor(New)
Attached catalog "QSMOTOR Catalog 2015.10.20" for reference.
http://tzquanshun.com/upfile/2016/01/20 ... 42_134.pdf


Thank you for "amberwolf"'s advise, for better understanding, we will post all the information by following the thread.
E-bike Spoke Hub Motor
Item: Lastest QS 800W 205 30H E-bike V1 type Spoke Hub Motor 135mm dropout for 7speed freewheel

Item: QS 205 50H Hub Motor, Most Popular Motor on the Market, 3000w V3

Item: Comparison QS V3 (Old Version) with Cromotor, MXUS by Customer (thank to ridethelightning)

Item: Article writen by spinningmagnets "Large Hot Rod Hubmotors for Street E-bikes, the Double D’s"
Item: Lace the spokes in a radial & 1X2 cross pattern

E-scooter Motor
Item: E-motorcycle journey Sichuan-Tibet(15 days, 2140km)

Electric Scooter Hub Motor Kits
http://qsmotor.en.alibaba.com/product/6 ... _Kits.html

About Water Cooling Hub Motor(customized type 12kw~14kw rated, max. speed 120km/h~170km/h)

QS 12" Electric Scooter Hub Motor

E-car Motor
Item: LUKA EV from Czech Rep, Use QS In Wheel Hub Motor
Using two of our 8000w motors, max. speed 105km/h

Single-Shaft Motor
Item: Manufatory China 13inch separated wheel motor (1500w~8000w)

Electric Mid Drive Non-hub Motor
Item: QSMOTOR 8kW MID Drive PMSM Brushless DC Non Hubmotor Motor

Item: Cheap BLDC controller, 200A, suitable for 96v 8000w motor

Electric Scooter Micro Film QSMOTOR BLDC Electric In Wheel Hub Motor

Electric Scooter Travel from Sichuan To Tibet Journey China, QS Motor

Taizhou SIA Trading Co , Ltd, QSMOTOR's exporting system

Electric Scooter (QS Dual Stator Hub Motor) Racing VS Audi R8, 100m in 3.5s

QS BLDC Electric Car In Wheel Hub Motor

V1/V2/V3 Type Motor
There are three types, Normal/V1 type (low cost), Export/V2 type (Cost-effective) and Extra/V3 type (Best Performance).

1. Difference between V1 & V2
Holder: Iron(V1), Aluminum (V2)
Hall: One hall with Normal connector(V1), Two halls with Waterproof connector(V2)
Stator: V2 have a stronger configuration, more cooper, thicker section surface, energy saving in usage.
Magnetic Steel Grade: V2 ≥ V1
Efficiency: 84~87%(V1) 86~88%(V2)
In short, normal type is standard configuration, while export type is high configuration.
The price differs because of the cost of raw materials.

2. Difference between V2 & V3
The raw materials are alike, main difference in inner construction.
For V3 (16 Pole Pairs): stronger configuration than V2, wider lamination,
more cooper wire /thicker Cross-sectional area section, bear more current
in usage. Higher torque at same current, lower temperature rise,
more stable in high current.
Magentic Steel: V3 is wider and thicker.
Efficiency: 86~88%(V2) 88~92%(V3); Thus, V3 have best performance.

Steel Seal
We could laser print it on side cover or edge of side cover.
For V3 type motors(e.g. WP20040X140607 7355)
WP= V3 type 200=2000W, 300=3000W
40 means winding X means 32 pieces magnetic steel
140607 means producting date, 07th, June, 2014. 7355, is producing serial number

For V2 type motors(e.g. QSMOTOR 48V3000W 140720 604329)
48V3000W=48V 3000W 140720 means producing date, 20th, July, 2014.
60 means rated speed, 60km/h. 4329 is producing serial number.
P.S.: We define power base on rated output power, rather than peak output power.

Performance Curve and Drawing
The performance Curve & drawing are available. E.g. 10"X3.0" 3kW V3 type Hub Motor.
There is 300N.m dynamometer, which is avaialbe for general double shaft hub motor.

Trade Details
Payment term: Wire Transfer/TT, Money Gram,Western Union, Paypal 100% in advance(for sample)
Generally, we perefer T/T, Money Gram,Western Union 100% in advance (for sample).
Meanwhile, we could also accpet paypal. There will be extra cost for transaction fee: Total cost*4.4%+0.3 Withdraw fee: USD 35.0 (We could bear USD 31.5, and charge USD 3.5 for you).
For Mass Production, we support 30% T/T in advance + 70% T/T the balance before shipment.
Taizhou SIA Trading Co., Ltd is Taizhou Quanshun Motor Co., Ltd.'s own exporting system
Produce Time
For normal motor, 8-10 workings days after receiving the payment (for sample).
For single-shaft & spoke motor, 16-18 workings days after receiving the payment (for sample).
PS. We're manufacture, there is no spare motors in store generally.
Standard export packing 1. polyfoam + carton box (for sample) 2. Or according to customer's requirements

Life Time of Motor & Warranty of Sample
The Life Time of motor depends on usage.
For general usage, it's about 3-5 years, and it could be 5-7 years if it work in good condition.
For testing and abusing usage, the lifetime will decrease accordingly.
E.g., For 3kW V2/V3 motor, the peak power could be 6kW (2 times of rated power).
Situation 1:
We suggest peak 70-80A battery current for general usage (72V). It's most stable configuration & longest life time.
Some EV enthusiast adjust it to be 150A, the output power is far more than 6kW peak. QS Motor could also work, which might not as stable as former situation.
For a long time in high current/power, the motor might over heat & even burnt. We strongly suggest to install Thermic Probe (e.g. KTY 83/122), so that controller will protect motor due to the temp inside of motor.
Situation 2:
The peak speed of 1pc 3kW motor is 80KPH in 72V(for e-scooter).
Some EV enthusiast adjust it to be 96V, the max speed might be 100KPH, the continuous output power is far more than 3kW rated (maybe equal to 5-6kW). QS Motor could also work, which might not as stable as it in 72V.
We call it over voltage/abusing usage, the life time might be shorter, and V3 will work better than V2.

For Sample, If it's destructive test/abusing usage due to test purpose, we could not do aftersale issue for free. If there is some damage during your test, which we could repair.
After checking your video or pictures, we could deliver some motor parts (e.g. hall sensor) for maintenance.
Also, you could deliver them back to our factory(I'm afraid that you have to bear delivery fee, both way),
We will make maintenance as possible as we could. For repair fee, we could bear the cost for 1 year.

For price
To customized a suitable motor, could you pls. inform below points:
1.E-scooter, E-tricycle or E-car, tire model?
2.Volt and wattage of motor, Speed(kV), and torque/climb angle ?
3.Your vehicle weight and loading weight?
4.Lithium or lead-acid Battery?
We could suggest most suitable motor accordingly, thank you for your cooperation.

Item(e.g.): QS 3000W 205 (50H) E-bike Extra/V3 type Spoke Hub Motor (Black New Version) ,
1. BLDC Permanent Magnet Outer Rotor Spoke Hub Motor
2. Power: 50mm magnet height, 16 pole paris, 3000W rated, 3932W Peak for normal usage, 8640W peak for few second.
36 X Spoke Hole OD 4.2mm or Dual Spoke 4.2mm & 3.4mm
3. Speed: 24*5T, 650RPM at 72V, equal to 9.03kV (optional) Torque: Depends on the speed
4. Designed to match with E-bike Disc brakes PCD6*44mm (not include Brake Disc),
14mm English thread for single-speed Freewheel (not include freewheel), drop-outs/Rear Bridge Clamping Width (150mm)
5. Two Halls(One for spare, in case of damage) , 10mm² Phase wire
6. Thermic Probe: KTY 83/122 (optional)
7. Support regenerative braking & Reverse function
8. Waterproof grade: IP54
9. Efficiency: ≥87%
10. Stronger configuration--high grade magnet, more cooper, bear more Ampere.
11. 10mm Axle flats
Gross Weight 14.5kg (with freewheel)
Package: 34cmX34cmX33cm

Price: USD 279.8/piece for this forum member only.
Payment term: Wire Transfer/TT, Money Gram,Western Union, Paypal 100% in advance
Generally, we perefer T/T, Money Gram,Western Union 100% in advance (for sample). Meanwhile, we could also accpet paypal.
There will be extra cost for transaction fee: Total cost*4.4%+0.3 Withdraw fee: USD 35.0 (We could bear USD 31.5, and charge USD 3.5 for you).
Valid time: 30 days
Producing Time: Producing Time: 15-16 working days after receiving payment.
If you need controller, brake disc and freewheel, we could try to provide it.
PS. If you need hub motor with wheel set, please leave us a message about the size (e.g.18*1.85).
We will try to provide it accordingly and calculate the cost before delivery. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
Link on of 3kW hub motor Alibaba. http://qsmotor.en.alibaba.com/product/6 ... Motor.html

Btw., we could also provide Electric kits, e.g., Controllers, Throttle.
If any question, please feel free to contact with us. It is our pleasure to be on service of you!

Thanks and best regards,

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