have something for sale???

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If you search on this sellers other items there are 51 different RAZOR items. I am also noticing many of the MX350 poping up on Craigs. Still not too many of the MX500 or 650s yet, or just not as cheap as I am looking to spend :D
(Denver & surrounding cities)
Makes you wonder how cheap they are getting them to be able to sell it for 89$ shipped! shipping alone has go to be 30-50$.

Craigslist here has been dry too, seems to go in waves of 1-2 a week for a month and then nothing for a few months.
the retailers prob get them for 100 or more and when its an open box or not working they get a severe discount.. i doubt any retailer gets em cheaper than walmart..id venture to say the biggest profit margin percentage wise is the e90 or e100 .. be interesting to know what a retail employee gets a razor dune buggy for
On Craigs (at least in the Denver area) you need to use several search terms. (and repeat on surrounding cities)
Razor Bike
returns different then is you search for razor bikes then if you search for dirt rocket and so on, many overlap but some only show up with various terms. Seeing a lot of the pocket rocket styles also (not what I am looking for though).
electric scooters even is returning some MX's and pocket bikes.
yep.. i do the same thing.. people list em differently and rarely by the brand or model name.. e100s are listed as electric scooter, scooter, kick scooter, motorized scooter, razor bike, and anything else u can imagine..

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