have something for sale???

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By frazzled
I have a year old, barely used yk31c 48v, 800 w controller for sale -$25 shipped in the US. Pro, it's a good/functioning, small in size controller. Con, I cut connectors when I installed, since mine didn't match.

By Boots
I'm brand new to this forum and I see this is an old post. You must have sold it by now, but if not, I'm interested.
Largek92@gmail.com or 619-466-7298 (after 1PM PST plz, I work 3rd shift.
Any interesting components to upgrade the below (all stock) scooters I would be interested in.
Thanks in advance.
Boots Langley
la mesa, ca
1000w eZip
650w Izip
eZip 500s
Razor E300 (trying to get it running for my buddy).

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