have something for sale???

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By Laundrydude
I have the following used stock razor parts after modifying my kids ride ons:
Motor, Throttle, Controller for MX350
Motor, Throttle, Controller for Razor Dune Buggy
Gear motor, Throttle, Controller for Razor Dirt Quad
All items work fine. I will sell cheap, just got too many old parts stacking up.

By BobLobllaw
I just bought a razor e300. Seems like the batteries are pretty much shot. I'd like to upgrade/mod it while I'm replacing them. I'm looking to go about 6-10 miles round trip and about 20 mph. I am cometely uneducated in deal I g with this stuff but very mechanically inclined. I have some experience with Lipo batteries. (18650's I use in my vape) I know about charging and the dangers of o erloading them. What I'd like is to get links to the parts I need to upgrade this thing without a ton of work.

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