I need something YOU may have.

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By maurtis
I usually get my lipo stuff from hobbyking.com, they have a US warehouse now so shipping is not as long as it used to be. You might want to look for a cheap charger there?
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By zogthegreat
robnewyork wrote:ebay has some really good knockoffs, about 20 percent cheaper just no brand name at all
Hey robnewyork, would you have any recommended sellers/links you could pm me? I have had problems with cheap knock-offs from eBay in the past, especially electronics from China. They tend to use cheap capacitors and I spend more time and money replacing the caps and other parts than I if I had just spent the money on decent gear up front.

Also, since I will be ultimately be charging about 5 - 6 packs, (my scooter + my daughters), I think it would be best I spend the money on a decent charger now then to buy a low end charger that will only charge one battery at a time and have to upgrade it later.

By robnewyork
once my slas die on citi glide , im doin an simililar charger bms and turnigy pack on it to save even more weight (its already 19lbs )
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By zen_racer
having both a 50watt balancing charger and an 80watt balancing charger, i wish someone had told me to bite the bullet and invest in a higher wattage model, say 200watt and up... i bet it's cheaper in the long run :D

a 50watt charger is fine i think for RC, but consider how this works out for EV applications. for example, my 3s 8000mAh lipo has a max charge rate of 5C, or 40a.

that means with the 50watt B6 rated to a max of 5a, i'm recharging at a rate just around 1/2 C, realistically 4a. and running the charger at 4a for an extended amount of time, for multiple lipo packs, means this charger is getting very hot.

and there is no way i'd consider parallel charging high capacity lipo packs with such a small wattage charger either...
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By zogthegreat
I haven't received mine yet, but has anyone opened theirs up and "upgrade" them with better caps and fans? Does it help with the performance?
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By aidanworthington

bigger caps are actualy worse because they will give a too longer charge pulse

those small chargers are woking to there limits
so any mods for more power will probily kill them

Speaking of keeping controller wires in their orig[…]