I need something YOU may have.

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By 3DBD25
So once my scooter is completed here in the next few weeks, I wanted a fiberglass deck to slide over my existing deck to make it all one level. I would mail you the scooter, you do your thing and then ill pay to have it mailed back, unless you are from the Chicagoland area, then ill just pick up drop off. I dont care what it costs really, just that it looks awesome and allows me a better, more balanced stance.

If anyone here is interested in the work, post or PM me. wanting to start by July 1st or shortly after, THANKS !

(I tip well)

By Saintmythi
i hate fiberglass. sorry bro, i would say get some thin aluminum and bend it to what you want. will keep weight down still and you can paint it to look better. not to mention more resistant.
By 3DBD25
i am just looking for a single level stance, one area has to come up 5 and the other 1" then it will make sense to get a taller BMX style handle bar to fit my height. THEN it will be done. hopefully someone here is interested in taking on the challenge. $$$ not important, mad skill and past job photos required :)
By Saintmythi
maybe a pic so the person can see how much work it will take. if it's easy you will get a faster response.
By 3DBD25
well i think i will have it complete by midweek this week at the latest and i will post pics and a video as well.

endless sphere? ill have to figure that out. never heard of it.

updates to come
By zpaisley
I'm good with fiberglass. I've built my own wide body show cars...I can even do carbon fiber, vacuum forming, etc. I'm from PA. Let me know.
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