I need something YOU may have.

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By maurtis
Your best bet these days for a yk43b is ebay, usually $39.99 shipped: http://www.ebay.com/itm/24V-36V-500W-48 ... ce&vxp=mtr

The price on sites like TNC and friends has been steadily going up for them.

As for an industrial, I think most of us with them actively have plans or have mounted them already. If you come up with some good eBay search terms, just set them up as bookmarks and hit them daily and you will find a good deal in no time.
you can also check out craigslist or a srap yard. but to find anything less than 120v is hard. look into a snow blower
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By maurtis
robnewyork wrote:i think maurtis has a motor he will sell for 150 shipped, an ohio
Nope, not I. Picking up an iMod today for $65! I am going 48V Ohio and yk43b. Still deciding on SLAs vs lipo. Probably 35AH SLAs, but we will see.
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By maurtis
Agreed, exactly what I was thinking. The speed limit here is 25 MPH, so 30 MPH is just about right. That way I can use it to chase my son around the park as well as make beer runs to the corner store.

I picked up the iMod tonight and it is in decent shape. Not shiny and new, but workable. The rear wheel is missing 4 spokes, but they looks like regular bike spokes so I can take the wheel by the local bike shop and have them order new spokes (about $1 each). I usually get cash for Christmas presents since no one ever knows what hobby I am into at the time, so looks like I will be getting some scooter parts after Christmas :D
omg, this will be sick, the ohio u gave me is running a 300 lb dune buggy with driver no issue, a 100 lb imod will fly ( fyi hes doin 28 on gps with sick cornering like f1 style)id do 36 volts , and do the math for drive gear, maybe 23 tooth or close to that at 2700 rpm at 39 v full charge..Imods are soo rare , im stoked to see this happen..
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