I need something YOU may have.

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By mikectm2
I've been pondering for the past 10 minutes what you've said. So.. if i ordered that $199 ebay motor, will it have the 3 major wires (that my original brushless motor had ) that affix to the 3 right-side screw-terminals of the ESC (see above pic ) ?

Here's a handdrawn diagram of these 3 major wires (at the end of the Motor's Cord )


The original motor's thick black Cord also had a set of 5 mini-wires that went to a White Plastic Plug. Here's a diagram as if looking inside this Plug


There's 5 (black yellow blue red green ) little wires that this white plug holds.

So this motor's cord has 3 major ends (first diagram ) and 5 small ends/wires (second diagram ) also.

Will the ebay motor have this also ? If not, What do i do ?
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By mikectm2
Received a Brand New 1500W Brushless motor from Super Cycles and Scooters. No Charge

The 3 main/large wires at the end of the motor's Cord were no problem to re-connect because if you look closely at the ESC (electronic speed controller ) there's the appropriate color above each terminal.

Then regarding the 5 mini-wires that are also at the end of the motor's Cord. I had to take them out of the plug housing, in order to slip them through the hole in the Scooter's chassis (for putting cords through ). But then it wasn't too difficult re-inserting each little pin ( 5 total ) into the plug again.

Then had to re-mount the ESC to the inside of the Scooter's chassis/battery compartment with new doublesided tape.

Putting the new Brushless motor into the scooter subframe couldn't have been easier. made sure to place the chain on the pinion gear/motor gear before tightening the motor completely in place.

Battery re-installs very snug.


The thrust of this Scooter is crazy !

Sometimes i crouch down on the scooter, then let the front of the seat push against the middle of my back. THEN TWIST THE THROTTLE ! It's like the beginning of a Roller Coaster ! And reminds me of the crazy fastness of my lithium/brushless Losi R/C truck.
Thanks for the links Zen_ racer!! The motor comes with the bracket too which is what I want. Noahmercier, how much $ are you asking for your motor and both controllers? Thanks robnewyork. A 50 amp controller would probably make it more powerful.

Speaking of keeping controller wires in their orig[…]