I need something YOU may have.

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By noahmercier
A friend of mine is looking for an industrial motor to mount onto his mx500 frame. He is looking to go up to 40 mph and would not like to spend much more than $100. (located in California)
By robnewyork
ebay is ur friend but i know saintmythi has several industrials,. problem is for 100 bux u can barely ship em.. i have BASICALLY new clarke 2.5 hp internally cooled but paid 177 shipped.ebay and scour daily for 24 v 0r 12 v motors.
By Saintmythi
Imperial is a good name but some don't always work for speed
By Saintmythi
lol no a small cheap motor will not be for a race car. start saving cas 40mph will cost you over $100 or even 2
By Saintmythi
and when you do get a powerfull motor it will drink batteries like no other. ever hooked a 3.6hp to a 12ah battery. it lasts for half a spin. with this in mind you will be in the same boat as me. you spent all your money on making the bike and motor and parts just to find out the only batteries worth wile in a ev will cost you $1k for a decent run time.
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By noahmercier
How fast could I go with the motor running at 48v? I don't mind slow acceleration if I gear it high.

Will the bldc 108 with 100a controller from golden motors drain battery?
By robnewyork
either way 40 mp is f--kin easy, so stop asking.. the important factor is range, and a brushless is more ecomincal.. i like getting to to 40 fast not slow , so if u wanna use half the amps to get to 40 go ahead, it might have range but you will be bored in a week..and lloking to up the amps, ur not making a commuted for ur job at the steel mill,. ur looking for fun.
By Saintmythi
if you really want the cheapest option for a work ev. look up pre made scooters or bikes. if you really want to build it look at my ss36 project and how far that went the right parts are alot and anyone would need to save up to get them. if you want something you don't have to licence for road use get a bike and a 40mph inhub motor kit and some batteries. but even that route will still be $400 to + ... but after you can use it for real use and not just fun. when i get money to build my 2 schwinn's i can show you if need be. or somehow add pedels to your mx500 and make it a bike first
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By noahmercier
I am starting on a mini chopper project and was wondering if I should use 26ah or 35ah batteries? I am using golden motors bldc-108 brushless motor so what would be the difference in run time?
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