I need something YOU may have.

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By musicnmotionz
Hi All,

does anyone know where I can get a 15 tooth, 5/8" bore sprocket for #25 chain? surpluscenter does not have it.

By robnewyork
theres no such thing because of the wall thickness, when i did a smaller tooth count , i had to have the bore pounched out on a lathe
By musicnmotionz
"when i did a smaller tooth count , i had to have the bore pounched out on a lathe"

Rob....is this something you are able to do still? ;)
By robnewyork
I have a lathe , whether or not ill be able to bore out that gear on a smaller machine, i have no clue..go ahead and send it , there wont be enough wall for a keyway but i suspect that wont matter
By robnewyork
heres the right srocket to bore ( READ ENTIRE REPLY )

http://www.surpluscenter.com/Power-Tran ... 2-15-D.axd
that leaves me having to bore 1/8th or .0625 off the inner wall.( machinist math , reduction of 1/6th on wall = 1/8th bore increase)
My biggest concern is the hardness of the steel..The teeth arent hardened but thats no promise on the shaft.for a better chance of a final reeming pass since i dont have a .625 reemer would be to send along a a 5/8th bit with the sprocket. hell i may even try to punch it with the bit.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/5-8-High-Speed- ... Sw1XdUXkVJ
this is the cheapest one i can find , maybe u have one.. YES, i can do the job with a boring bar but if i need serious torque to make the bore the boring bar aint gonna handle it.
And a reamer is even more. Dont buy the bit , at that rate u may as well get it locally machined ( 25 bux ish)
I guess send it here cheap , ill send it back cheap and we can call it a day.. If i cannot get a cut going on the hardened steel i wont even start and ill just mail it back
By musicnmotionz
Thanks Rob. I may be able to get the engineering department at my hotel to do this. If they can't, I'll send it to you. I bought 2 of those sprockets by sheer guess work a couple days ago. They should be arriving today.
By robnewyork
ok , what bore did u get?? 1/2, 3/8th?? wont matter for punching it out.. let me know , ill email my addy and we can get it done
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