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There is a free solution
for more speed and power

loose some weight
(Who ate all the pie's)
and put a few more psi in your wheels

other than that move to the moon where there is less gravity and use fart power :!:
i was considering a carbon fiber build one day
but its a lot of hassle for just 1 scooter
but i did have the idea of molding 10 replacment bodies for my 1000w scooter
and sell most of them on ebay (should be nice little earner)
Might not be there is a manufactuer just down the road im chatting 2
all i need is 1.2sqm of carbon and i might fiberglass the bits you carnt see ... width.aspx
that should cut costs by 1/2.
Il start by making the deck just to get a feel for it (8mm thick. carbon on the outside and glass in the middle)
if thats a sucess then i might look into a full chase.
But if the costs are too high il give the chase a miss.
(I will have to work out a vacume system to compress it while it dryes
i think some expermenting is called for (in fiber glass)) ... ation.aspx
iv got the carbon
il do a build after the eco scoot
its not about the cost but the experience.
(but steel is a lot more easy to work with and changes are easyly done i just fanci a change if its a fail its a fail
if not then its smile time)
thats the only problem with carbon no quick fixes
il make a board for the eco scooter with carbon just to get a feel for things
but thats probily as far as i will take it

Did you get that welder for xmas you were on about a few weeks ago

welder + angle grinder = endless possibilities
I think its more like 50/50
some people just dont have any build skill
just look at utube
iv seen a £150 outrunner motor nailed to a scooter i think that says it all.

People can allways save for a projects
but some people just can't build.

If your getting a welder why not try building a better chase
with nice wheels (not those solid type) and a role cage
or even suspension then you can take your cart anywhere
for some fun
not mine
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that shouln't cost the earth
(I use old bikes scooters and exersize equipment for supplies or i order matterial from where i work)
OK, I have to admit that I was fooled!! I expected to trot right in here to see a discussion on mounting an array of solar panels to the tune of 36 volt output on a rider's helmet and he plugs it into the charging port when he mounts the scooter before riding off into the sunset........ :lol: Also, that go kart, dune buggy or what ever they call it is a boat anchor that has no room for an engine or even an easy way to mount one and even if they mounted a 20 hp V-twin and used a 60 to 80 tooth sprocket to even get it rolling using a Comet 40 with a chain driven jack shaft, it would probably only be good for flat land driving only. I do say, I like the shape and it looks like a small Berrien Buggy!! The cage needs to be extended about 1 more foot for the engine area to handle a 750cc motorcycle engine and another foot for driver comfort after installing a nice high back bucket seat. But, that tubing/pipe is on the heavy side and that frame alone probably weighs in the area of 400 lbs.......... I don't like 'dragged out' cages, just sloped down for a windshield and then out towards the front of the nose for a possible body fabrication. The guy has the right idea though. That would be ideal mig or tig welded in aluminum piping!! ... ils/2-seat

After cutting holes into the foam and mounting the[…]