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By gameboy
there are a ton of questions about an E300 razor scooter and a ton of info in the forums about them. so rather than making a bunch of shtickies and cluttering up the forum i (or anyone who sees one i missed) will post all the threads about the razor scooters (e100,200,300 and the like) in this topic so they are easy to find.

how to make a seat for a 300 fit an adult: ... PIC_ID=483

here is one for making it faster: ... PIC_ID=447

mud flap ... IC_ID=1558 ... PIC_ID=115 ... PIC_ID=516 ... IC_ID=1229 ... IC_ID=1258


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By gameboy
hugocraft wrote:can't get any of the links to work

not sure why, i just clicked on all of them and they worked fine for me.
By mcshane.bobby
It appears that they don't for me as well. I wonder if it is an issue with site permissions because it seems the moderators are able to access them...
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By gameboy
the old forum is down for some reason, that is why you cant access the posts, they are all linked to the old forum... except for the very last link, it is in this forum.

i will get the archives back up, soon.

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