Only post here if you are in expert in an area and are sure that this is something we MUST know before starting a project!

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its not fair when 3 people have to answer all the new guys , then when they know what theyre doing, they dont help the newb newbs.I saw a post with simple questions anyone could answer , and no one replied for 2 days , lets keep the community strong and helpful.
I will 2nd that! there are a lot of ppl who take time to register, post, repost, and even sometimes assist, but there are also those who get what they need and go.
i myself read alot, but still had tons of ?'s I joined in a haste, got some advice, rushed through, got some results good and bad, but still kept browsing. even now years later, i can't ride, i still browse. i am a bit disappointed i came in on the end of the hey day of some great builders, but through sticking it out, i have seen NEW barriers BROKE!
AnnD to top it off we have some new adventures into the brushless/lipo zone.
I feel a lot of times members are afraid to put in their 2cents. They fear misadvice. I know i will not respond to threads sometimes afraid to steer someone wrong. I also know I have piped in where I didn't hold weight.
in the end, those who can contribute and don't are bull puckey.
At the same time I do wish the threads were cleaned a bit to get to the facts. this would limit a lot of repeat questions....i guess that's ehy there is a FAQ page......
perhaps a prescreen of newbs is in order....what do you have? what do you want? how much can you spend? GO!
thats essentially what i ask, how fast u wanna go how thick is ur wallet..we have a guy now building a 52,000 watt , yes 52000 watt razor quad.(only only running 5500 on mx to hit 41.3 mph quickly, buddys dune buggy is 10kw and has a run time of like 20 miles.
long long title how many chars? lets see 123 ok more? yes 60

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