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By scootthis
Hey while all this is great info to have the remaining issue to me at least is that the author is still not sure of the reasons behind the results. So this leaves a reader like myself with the nagging question....."Am I really going to get less torque but more RPM even though the author contradicts himself later in the tutorial with the result of more power?" 'Course what he means by 'more power' is also up to conjecture. And here's someone from the old archives who knows his stuff flat-out stated that his conclusions on one very important aspect were dead wrong (see FAQ's, "Rewind Motor for Ultimate Power")......... ... IC_ID=1176

IMO without someway of accurately measuring power output, etc., and just subjectively sayin', 'this is giving me more power', doesn't really tell me a enough of a bunch of what's really going on in that particular motor he rewound.

I think that the gage of the wire also not being discussed (which IIRC affects resistance levels and hence performance) prolly should've been in there in greater detail to nail this down further.

Well I plan to do my own rewind job here pretty soon and will try to research and document the process. Again, I prolly need to measure scientifically as in some kind of metering device for my own education so as to correctly understand cause and effect otherwise this is kinda like shooting in the dark. Lots of variables in this rewinding business. Just need to figure out what one change does to another variable and so forth.

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By gameboy
you bring up a lot of good points, but at this point i was bringing this up just for the "rewind steps" not for what he did with the motor afterwards. i had not looked that far into the write up yet (insert kids screaming "daddy daddy look at me!!!" in the background) so i was planning on reading this in full later, but thanks for doing that for me now.[:)]

i will try to do some more research on this and get the steps down for us and get better info on what it does along with what affect the wire gauge has on the build along with "wraps" and how many or little does the motor need for good solid performance.

thanks for the help, if you get to this before it do.
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