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timmy2time Posted - 11/28/2010 : 12:42:13

This is meant for AC motors and Notes how AC motors are advertised with Peak HP or Watts.

This calculator can be used with DC scooter motors. Most DC scooter motors are advertised as continuous Watts. This is a helpful calculator when over volting your motor and determining what your continuous Watts output will be.

What numbers to enter into the calculator Instructions:

1. VoltageA fully chrarged SLA battery under load can be a volt or so higher than the normal voltage. So enter in a volt more for a fully charged battery or a volt less for when the battery is not fully charged. Generally, the motor will have slightly more power output on a fully charged battery

2. Full Load Amps Your controller and motor normally have a number to enter for Amps. The lower number is what should be entered. Example: if your controller is 30amp and motor is 35.7 amp, you enter 30amp.(assuming the controller specs are accurate)If your controller say 100amps and the motor says 35.7 amps, you should enter 35.7amps. If you are not using a controller then the Amps on the Motor are what should be entered. If you are using a controller and a "boost button" that bypasses the controller, the controller Amp would be lower than the motor Amp so enter both and see the difference in both calculations.

If you are over volting a 27amp motor with a 40 to a 100amp controller for example, the amps for the overvolted motor will be a higher number than 27.

3. Efficiency A good DC scooter motor can be as much as 78% efficient. Most controllers are 95% efficient. In that case the number would be 74.1 to enter into the calculator. If you are bypassing or not using a controller you can enter as much as 78.

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