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By gameboy
the batteries that are used for all the electric vehicles that we use are "SLA" style batteries and can use a car charger to charge the batteries. the problem is to make the voltages we need for useing these vehicle the mfg. puts the batteries in series to create a higher voltage. so you could have 1,2,3,or 4 batteries make up your battery pack that runs your electric toy.

1 battery - most likely a battery pack, either 24v or 36v, but one unit
2 batteries - uses 2 12v batteries in series to make 24v.
3 batteries - the same as above, but will make 36v
4 batteries - same as above, but will make 48v.

you can charge one of 2 ways

1 with a charge that is rated for the voltage your batteries put out, either 24v, 36, or 48v. this charge would come with the unit you bought or you could buy and another one from and pick the one you need.

2 this way is a little harder but achieves the same result. you can get a charger from wal-mart, i recomend the schumacher companion, or the schumacher 600a.

Image[br] 48.03 KB[/size=1]
companion and all it comes with.

i swap out the charer ends(the ones with the rings and put on some female spade connectors to charge my batteries. this shows how they come in the box and what i did to them.

i made these pigtails up to charge multiple batteries and it easily plugs into the charger ends i put on my companion.

Image[br] 67.72 KB[/size=1]
the 600

each charger has there advantages, but either will work if you need to pull the batteries out (since this is modifiedelectricscooters, that might be nessecary) and charge them.

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By gameboy
there are also other chargers that plug directly into your scooter.

a 3 prong inline type:

Image[br] 37.46 KB[/size=1]
these are used on most razor and generic brand scooters

and it uses this style receptical:

Image[br] 11.97 KB[/size=1]

a XLR type:

Image[br] 29.48 KB[/size=1]
these are used on most schwinn style scooters

and it uses this style receptical:

Image[br] 17.76 KB[/size=1]

these can range in voltage from 24 to 60 volts

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