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By gameboy
Easy Electric Scooter Brake Hub Removal

Wheel is threaded to accept brake hub

Image[br] 46.02 KB[/size=1]
Using the existing holes in the drum insert a couple of bolts with a nut screwed onto the bolt on the top side .

Image[br] 27.74 KB[/size=1]
Place a locking nut on the bottom side.

Image[br] 43.14 KB[/size=1]
Use a pry bar or large screw driver to apply counter clockwise pressure, keeping it close to the bearing.

Image[br] 51 KB[/size=1]

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By gameboy
below are old posts that offer more info and here is the archived FAQ: ... PIC_ID=917

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Nice. That does make brake hub removal easier without too much chance of damage.

I'm sorry I'm new, how do you install the new hub? If it's on that tight to take off, it must take effoort to put on?

Uncle D
Just hand tight it and when you begin to use the brake it will tighten itself.

An oil filter wrench is a great idea! I used a pipe wrench but its not a good idea. If you dont put it on straight enough or twist on a slight angle, it can bend the brake drum.

The idea with the screws with a pry bar or an oil filter wrench is what I would recommend using. Much more forgiving than a huge pipe wrench.

oil filter wrench is a good idea. I used the 3/8" socket extension and stuck it in one of the holes and hit it with a hammer a few times until it started to spin. It put scars around the hole but the outside was fine.

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By bassiclyLouDog
bassiclyloudog-"I used an oil filter has a rubber grip ring inside so it really held the drum tight. it still took a lot of effort, but you can do it! Now disc brakes are even harder. I just used the pry bar idea...the disk doesn't have the same handy bolt holes, so I just wedged a flat head in the disk, lightly tapped with a hammer, and then pulled the screwdriver like a pry bar until it slowly gave way." No warps yets, just be slow and steady.
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