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By gameboy
this is a work in progress, so if you see a need to add something, please by all means do so. i will clean this up to keep this for info only though.
there are all type of connectors out there and this thread is to show you what they look like and where to get them.

Image[br] 6.76 KB[/size=1]

this is an "S" connector, the one shown is 10ga. and can be used for the main battery cable from your scooter or minibike or go cart. rating for this is 30 amps.

there are smaller wire S connectors out there and can be used for a number of things, but i wouldnt use them for a battery connection as they can not handle the amps.

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By gameboy
these are some industry standards for battery terminals that come on aftermarket batteries when you buy them.

Image[br] F1 Terminals 0.187" wide
Image[br] F2 Terminals 0.250" wide
Image[br] Spring Top Terminals Collapsible to 1mm
Image[br] Nut and Bolt Terminals
Image[br] Wire Leads
Image[br] Toy Battery Spade Terminals
Image[br] Toy Battery S-Connector
Image[br] Toy Battery H-Connector
Image[br] Threaded Button Terminals

click here for my sorce of 10 guage "S" connecotors ... 0/-/1.html
click here for my sorce of 18 guage "S" connectors ... G/-/1.html
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By gameboy
Male and female spade connectors, along with splice(butt) and fork connectors:
please note that some of these connectors are "insulated" meaning the connection point have some sort of covering over them, i would recomend "insulated" connectors when doing any sort of serios moddification or working with the batteries that power these things.
Image[br] 65.76 KB[/size=1]

*** note *** there is a color scheme to these connectors
yellow--- 10-12 ga. wire or smaller
blue----- 14-16 ga. wire or smaller
red------ 18-20 ga. wire or smaller
I dont know why they dont make a 12-14 ga. wire connector, it seems that size would fit "our" needs better but the world doesnt revolve around "us". darn it.

The blue inline tap (also known as an inline splice) on the left can be used to "tap" into the wire of your choice without having to cut or strip the wire you are tapping in to. Simply lay a new wire along side the existing wire, shut the splice, squeeze with pliers, and you are done. But they aren't the most secure connectors and don't handle current real well.

here is another link to some of the more hard to find connectors if the above dont fit the bill. ... fault.html
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By gameboy
below are old posts from other members that offer more info and here is the archived FAQ: ... PIC_ID=143

Journeyman Modder
Posted - 02/01/2009 : 02:24:25

I like Anderson Powerpoles ... ries-sets/

and Deans Ultra Connectors
Deans are cheaper if you buy pairs of males and pairs of females separately at hobby lobby.

Deans connectors should handle 60A (not technically rated)
And Powerpoles are given conservative technical Amp ratings.
45A powerpoles are reasonably sized and not too expensive.
Powerpoles are neat since they are genderless and pretty easy to solder. You can't desolder and reuse a powerpole though because the plastic housing locks the connector inside. You can desolder and reuse Deans though.
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By gameboy
Uncle D

Came across this little compilation. ... tecker.htm

If you don't understand German you can copy that link and have Babelfish translate............or TRY translate.


Uncle D

Found some alternative connectors to Deans Plugs and Andersons connectors.

E-Flite Connectors.

60A continuous: ... aec303.htm

120A Conituous: ... aec503.htm



Aren't those plugs rated for 1 to 4 volts? I think they are tiny and not as good as Deans plugs.


Uncle D

IDK, I just noticed they were rated for some decent amperage. I updated teh second link to another one as teh previous link had a typo where they said the connector was rated for 12A when even the manufacturer states its 120A.

Also, the EC3's(60A) have a 3.5mm bullet connector so I'd think the EC5(120A) should have a slightly larger bullet connector and so it may very well be.

I also checked some of the plane kits they say come standard with it and those planes were stock 11.1V. But really, IDK as I've not seen or heard of them til now. I usually stick to the Dean's Plugs.
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