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By gameboy
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Quick Hall Effect Throttle Test
No test equipment necessary
Your electric scooter controller will not accept throttle commands
This is an easy test to perform.
Hall Effect throttles have three wires, Red, Black and usually one of the following a green, yellow or blue.
Controller outputs on Red 3.4-5VDC

1. Remove fuse
2. Elevate rear wheel ( we will try to make it spin at full speed )
3. Turn key to off position
4. Make a circuit between the three accelerator / deraillur wires from controller
( This is where the three throttle wires mentioned above plug into the controller )
5. Replace fuse
Be sure scooter is stable
Stay clear of rear wheel
6. Turn key to on position
7. Turn key to off position
End of test


If the motor did not spin you have another problem. ( bad connection, batteries, controller, key switch, motor ect.)
If the motor spins there is a short in the throttle system.
Check all connections and look for broken wires.
Replace Throttle

24V controllers will not have full function when system voltage falls below 21 volts or each of two batteries falls below 10.5V.
36V controllers will not have full function when system voltage falls below 31.5 volts or each of three batteries falls below 10.5V.
SMART charging systems work the same way.
24V chargers will refuse to charge when system voltage falls below 20.5
36V chargers will refuse to charge when system voltage falls below 31.5 ( Ex. 44VDC output SMART charger refuse to charge a 24v system)
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By gameboy
this is more info thanks to SiriusFun

asked by dozer-
do you happen to know how many ohms it should read

dozer, I thought that was a great question. I'd never really thought about it before.

I got out my DMM and a New Hall throttle and a new Magura throttle. With the resistive throttle (Magura) I got 5kohms from pos to neg, and varying from 0-5K from the wiper to negative as I twiested the grip. So that would be a good test and you would not have to have a power source to test it.

Not so much on the Hall throttle. The only reading I got in Ohms was across pos and neg. That was 1920 Ohms. Nothing from signal to negative or from signal to pos. Makes sense because the Hall sensors need to be connected to a 5V source before they can work. So, don't think an Ohmeter can test an unpowered Hall throttle.

With the Hall connected to a 5V source (controller) you should get a varying voltage between 1V and 4V as you roll the throttle. That would be measured from signal to negative.
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