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this sounds like a good idea, but its not. batteries are funny that way. what happens is, the new batteries will take on the characteristics of the old battery pack.

for example, lets say i have a battery pack that is starting to get weak, it will no longer hold a charge for a long time and when it is dead it only takes 10-15 min to charge or the charger light turns green almost instantly when i try to charge it. this is a "weak" or "dead" battery pack and it needs to be replaced. so if i were to add a brand new fully charged battery pack to the old pack the new battery pack would have to work really hard to make the old batteries perform better than they could, thus damaging the new battery and severly shortening its life.

you now have a brand new batteries that act, perform and charge like the old battery pack.

if you want to do this it is recomended that you add a new battery when the scooter is new or you have to replace all the batteries in your scooter so you can have all the batteries the same with the same usage and age in the pack. this will make your battery pack last a long time ( about 2-4 years depending on usage, charging practices, and various other things that batteries needs. they really are a fickle bunch) :)

just as equally bad is adding a battery to a pack that is of differing amperage. this will cause the new battery to go bad with in a short time... a day, week, month???? all situations are different and really hard to predict when it will go bad, but it WILL happen.

lets say you have a pack that is a year and a half old and you join this site and start reading about "extra power" that scooters can have by adding a battery and boosting the voltage, but instead of getting all new batteries that are the same you go the less expensive route and use a battery that you have hanging around but it is a different amphour rating from the rest... the pack is 7AH and then "new" battery is 12AH. now you have a pack that is 36 volt with 2 12v 7AH and one 12v 12AH... if you run the scooter this way when the 2 7AH batteries have spent their energy scooting you down the road, the 12AH battery still has some juice left. now the full load of the scooter is put on the 12AH battery and the 7AH batteries are forced to put out voltage past their "dead" stage thus damaging all the batteries in the pack by making one over produce and the other to work past where they should be producing.

in the end all batteries will be bad in a short amount of time and now you have to buy new batteries anyway. save yourself some time and money by getting new batteries right from the start and use the old pack for a different scooter.
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