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Test Electric Scooter Key Switch at Controller
No test equipment necessary
Key switch circuits are often labeled "lock".

1. Remove fuse
2. Elevate rear wheel
3. Disconnect Key or lock circuit
4. Make a jumper circuit between the two Key circuit wires from controller.

CAUTION Be sure scooter is stable and Stay clear of rear wheel when in motion or suspect.

5. Replace fuse.

CAUTION Throttle may now be active.

6. Check display, brake, turn signal, headlight, and horn.
If none of the above are available try throttle.
7. Remove jumper circuit.
End of test

If display, brake, turn signal, headlight, or horn are functioning your key switch circuit is malfunctioning.

Most Chinese electric scooters use two and sometimes three position key lock circuits.
( Your scooter may have a three position switch but the third position is not commonly used)
OFF null , ON on, and sometimes an accessory ON take-off.
Unlike gas scooter control units (common negative ground systems) most electric scooters controllers are equipped with dedicated accessory circuits and do not employ frame grounding . ( Gas scooter key switch On = Open and Off position = Closed Circuit).
Voltmeter Test- Test suspect electric scooter key switch for continuity Off = open, On = closed circuit.

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