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By gameboy
Posted - 09/21/2009 : 08:33:55

I made my custom double-d bore 15 tooth for my x-500. Learned a few things along the way. Resulted in 26.8mph (my kid on it). I'm going to try the custom 17 tooth. I'm picking up a drill press for $40 tonight, and should be able to have the sprocket welded tomorrow night. I'm hoping to touch 30mph with this one. I think the motor may be starting to lose steam though. We'll see...

For anyone wanting to make their own sprockets using my method. The costs involved are:

-Drill press,used,craigslist ($40)
-15/32" drill bit,new,cobalt ($12)
-3/4" drill bit,new,cobalt ($17)
-sprockets from overseas,new (about $8 shipped each, I ordered 3)
-Factory sprocket with double-d bore (may be free, or order one for about $11 shipped, tncscooters)
-I bought a bench grinder for $45 (ryobi, home depot) to grind teeth off stock 11t sprocket.
-Metal file to file stock sprocket smooth (spin it on motor),($5)
-Access to a welder (my friend did it for beer)

The costs aren't cheap, but from now on it should only cost me about $19 plus drill bit wear and tear. This is for both sprocket components.

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