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By gameboy

it has every thing you need


to get distance traveled you need to tape mesure your outside wheel
example: 10" tire has a 34" foot plant every rotation
13/65 = 4to1 gear ratio
Rear tire is 10" tall = 34" each turn
motor rpm:3000rpm (devided by) 13/65gears(4 to one) = 750 rear tire RPM
750 x 34" = 25500inch per minute(devide that by 12 will give you feet per minute)
25500"pm = 2125' pm
total = 24.147mph @3000rpm usable power
28mph@3500rpm (top end)

and the link to where its at on the forum. ... alculators


and the link to where its at in the forums, its long, 9pages long. ... alculators

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