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If you ever mess with the bolts in your scooter's rims

I assumed that the wheel on my Razor E325 (E300) was one piece because the spokes look welded. It is a TWO PIECE WHEEL. I was taking the bolts out to start an added front brake mod and as I was taking the second bolt out the wheel EXPLODED in my lap. It actually exploded in two stages, first the rim broke and the tire expanded, causing me to lean back in fear, then the tube ruptured and one side of the rim actually hit the ceiling. It hurt a little but luckily nothing hit my face and I didn't get cut. I'm notoriously lucky when it comes to 2-wheeled vehicle accidents (my vehicles are not). The rim is destroyed. SCARY AS HELL


one other side note for razor split plastic rims for the e100 and i think the e200 as well

pay close attention to the recomended tire pressure and do not go above it. i also recomend to be just shy of it too. reason is, the plastic is not that strong and over pressurizing can cause rim failure. there are 4 bolts that hold the rim in place and excess pressure causes the plastic to fail and the rim to split or spread apart. this could happen sitting in your garage or while your child is riding home from school or around the block ultimately causing tire failure and possible endo's to your kids face or when the front brakes are applied the brakes grab suddenly having a shuddering effect or locking up wholely causeing the front tire to skid and possible loss of controll.

this is for the plastic front rimmed scooters. i have beed told that not all e100's and 200's come with front brakes only, mine did. so if your has this feature or are riding a scooter with the same feature be aware of this issue.
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