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By gameboy
? why wont my scooter turn off. i turn the key and power is still going to the wheels

? i was riding my scooter and now it wont stop.

? help, my back tire still spins even when i am not accelerating or touching the accelerator.

these are all common problems. chances are your controller has gone bad. i dont have an explanation as to why it did go bad, but maybe you dropped your scooter, it fell over, you bought new batteries and hooked them up backwards or maybe you did nothing and it just doesnt work any more... i dont know. but what i do know is if your scooters wheels are spinning with the ignition turned off or you not pressing/turning the throttle, then there is a 99% chance your controller is bad.

time to order a new one.

like i said, this is a 99% chance. there is always that one scooter that does something funny and its not a controller, but the odds are not in your favor.

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