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By gameboy
Don't even think about it, it's TOO dangerous! These types of batteries contain liquid acid, and are unsealed. We all know kids and acid don't mix well. There is also the possibility of an explosion with unsealed acid batteries. Hydrogen gas can form above the battery and can be ignited by a spark (say by connecting a wire to the battery terminal). These batteries should never be used for kids ride on toys, there's just too much risk of injury.

Lawnmower batteries are intended to be used at high amperage rates for very short times, not discharged and recharged constantly. The SLA batteries you get from the internet or your local supplier are made for this type of application, are just as cheap, much safer, and should give much better life/performance than lawnmower batteries.

another trend is to use Lithium (LI-insert po/fo/mg/iron and so on) batteries to power your scooter. this is a very good choice, but you must do your research. they are half the weight, have 3x longer life, give greater power to your scooter and also cost 3x as much up front. they also can catch FIRE. so watch out. understand what your getting into, know everything about your new battery setup and learn how to charge them, that is when they are most likely to catch fire.

FYI... we have had a user's new lipo battery set catch fire: ... IC_ID=1496

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By gameboy
that is an AGM battery (absorbant glass matt) and those are just fine, but usually too expensive and heavy for the modding we do here.
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By Knotical
gameboy wrote:that is an AGM battery (absorbant glass matt) and those are just fine, but usually too expensive and heavy for the modding we do here.
You're killing me, GB. :lol: Some of you guys are spending how many hundreds of dollars on LiPos or A123 ALMs? :shock:

Seriously, if someone is even considering using a car battery then you gotta figure that they're already okay with the extra weight. And deep cycle batteries are not a LOT more expensive than regular car batteries. For the right modded application (go kart?) sealed deep cycle seems like a reasonable option. (If you have a good reason not to, please let me know.)

But I would also assume what I assume you're assuming - someone who is considering using a car battery is probably getting the (free) one from the car in their back yard that has a cracked engine block. (Well, that one plus the one he got from his brother-in-law who owed him $20) ;)

Not too many folks have access to cheap and/or used deep cycle batteries.
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