If you have a cheap supplier for motors, batteries, or anything that is of use for a scooter or E.V.
list it here for all to enjoy!

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By thehairs
I just bought 2 1000 watt 36 volt MY-1020-B type motors from TNC for $65.00 each.
These motors have rust at the weld joint of the base. I know how to sand or sandblast and then paint again. When I bought mine they had 9 more at 20 to 30 dollars off base price depending on the defect. I hope you find that motor you have been waiting for.


By robnewyork
Do they still have em? Are u selling? I just landed a 936 watt on ebay for 40.50 shipped but need to custom mount the sprocket which requires machining..the standard 1000 watts never go on sale at all..good to hear
By thehairs
I bought two yesterday and they had 9 left at that time. Just go to TNC web page and go down to "CONTACT". Send them an email and tell them you heard about their scratch, dent and rust sale.

David Hair
By thehairs
I got my 2 $65.00 1000 watt 36 volt motors today. Man the bad rust consist of about 1 square inch of puffed paint where the base mounts to the motor housing. A quick wire brush and a squirt if rust inhibitor paint and they will look perfect. For about $30.00 off I think they are a wonderful deal. Now we are ready to start work on the pimped out scooter if the weather will just get a little warmer.

By thehairs
Mine both came with #25 sprockets and I ordered a 1/2" bicycle sprocket to use with this project due to the availability of several bicycle gear clusters for the final drive gears.
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