If you have a cheap supplier for motors, batteries, or anything that is of use for a scooter or E.V.
list it here for all to enjoy!

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Found these at Toy's-R-Us yesterday. They're clearing them out at $4.98 each. Previously at $17. Programs to 10" tires easily and they're water resistent. Seem pretty decently well built I must say. I used Mr. Exon's recommended code input of 870 for the wheel deal in the post archives. I believe he used that instead of 799 but for a different speedo due to growth of the tire at speed and other factors. Apparently it was a pretty accurate code.

Anyway for $5 there's not much to go wrong here. I'll find out soon enough how easy the mounting of it goes too. lol

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Hey it also has umpteen features including the all in important 'calorie counter'. lol
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Installed this little guy last nite and it was a breeze. Works great. For $5 I ended up buying 5 of them for future projects plus existing family pedal bikes. Total time to install....about 45 minutes from start to finish including programming the unit and taking bathroom breaks. lol

Some observations with PICS and tips.......
They supply you with a samarium-cobalt magnet with the speedo. Chuck it. Use instead this Harbor Freight neodymium magnet. Item #67488 for $1.99 at 10 to a pack. OUTSTANDING value. They are VERY powerful and at only 1/4" diameter by about a nickel's thickness just absolutely AMAZING for their magnetic strength. They are 5 times stronger than samarium-cobalts. Just no comparison. One is shown here stuck to my tool chest lid. And I do mean stuck. lol Btw, I suggest you get some of these as the Chinese are the main providers of rare-earth elements for the globe. Seeing that they recently temporarily embargoed shipments of these elements it might behoove us to have a stash on hand. On sale I've seen this 10 pack as low as $1.49. Ridiculously cheap for the amount of effectiveness. Besides speedos they're really handy for a myriad of applications.
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Top view. As you can see I attached two of the Harbor Freight neodymiums. Although they are so powerful I could probably get away with one. In fact they're so strong you don't really need to glue one to the other. But I did anyway. Just a drop of super-glue and you're done. Plus at least for my fork, the distance when two are stacked is right below the 5mm maximum they recommend as spacing between sensor and magnet. Worked perfectly.
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View showing the magnet towards the top of the sensor which gives the best results. It's about 1/4" from sensor top and is something you can fiddle with but one thing's for sure: having the magnet cross the middle of the sensor doesn't work.
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Front view which pretty much sez it all.
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Der Full Monty's..................
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This was actually the hardest part (if you can call it hard) in positioning the bracket with the supplied shims. It's a clean little unit, very small, yet has good sized numbers plus a ton of functions besides speed, odo, and distance. For $5 what else can you say? lol
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Shot of the bracket showing the flat spot that you can super-glue to the fork.
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Side view of the bracket which they tell you to use their zip ties. Chuck those. Just super glue the flat side of the bracket right to the fork.
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I'm actually thinking about adding this xtra 12v LCD DVD 7" player I have laying around here so I can watch your videos for inspiration while I cruise around the hood! lol

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