If you have a cheap supplier for motors, batteries, or anything that is of use for a scooter or E.V.
list it here for all to enjoy!

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By maurtis
Just wanted to give another positive post towards Chrome Battery. I order their batteries through Amazon, but you can get them through their website and eBay. Their batteries tend to be about $1 - $2 more per battery than the lowest cost places, but the batteries have an 18 month warranty and ship from within the US (Illinois, I believe).

And if you look through their various bundles, sometimes you can find a good deal. I recent purchased a 4 pack of 12V 8AH batteries from them for $55 shipped, so $13.75 each. It really pays to search through their various Amazon bundles since the price per battery can vary fairly wildly at times.

Having ordered probably 20 batteries through them, I only had a problem with one batch. That was the 4 pack of 12V 15AH batteries for our Dune Buggy. The package was heavily damaged in shipping, arriving with a huge hole in the side. The battery closest to the hole had noticeable cracks on top, and after popping the top off I found two of the cells bone dry where the acid had leaked out. I contacted customer support and they shipped me a new one with no questions asked.

After running them for a bit, I found another one had lower capacity than the others. I contacted them again, and they promptly emailed me a pre-paid return label to send the battery back for testing. A few days later, a new battery showed up at my door.

Then I found a THIRD battery that would leak acid after a hard run. And pulling 100+ amps over and over powering the industrial motor through wheelspinning starts and high speed drifts, we run them hard. I assumed it was boiling over. The rest of the batteries did not do this. I sent them a picture and once again, no questions asked, they shipped me a new battery.

So while on average you do pay a little more for the SLAs through Chrome, the fast shipping and actual warranty support make it worth it to me when dealing with electrics that we use for personal use. Now, for something I plan on selling, they get the cheapest of the cheap eBay batteries if the price can be had much lower.

By robnewyork
quetions , hows the kart running , and why so many defects , is it the weight of the packages causing dame , i got my 3.6 with a dent in the fan shroud bc the shear weight busted the styro in the box.and that was a heavy duty box.. the best deal ive seen is 12v 18ah batteries for 33 a piece shipped .. on ebay
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By maurtis
The kart is running great. I meant to update the build thread with pictures. I rewired the forward/reverse switch using my own 10 gauge Turnigy wire and so far it is holding up great. It is the same wire that comes on the Turnigy lipo bricks, so if they claim 200A - 250A continuous, I figure it would hold up. Over spring break we were watching a friend's two kids, a 180 lb teen and his 120 lb younger brother, so the kart got heavy daily use and not one issue. Well, other than the crop cirle patterns left at the park from doing donuts :lol:

You are right, the issue with this batch was the weight and improper packaging. When I have ordered one or two in the past, they were packaged very well. And when I recently ordered the four pack of 8ah batteries, they were packed great too. But there was only a single layer of the small diameter bubble wrap around the 15AH batteries, and way too much room inside the box for them to shift around.
By robnewyork
thats friggen awesome , id love to see updated pics , that motor sounds like a workhorse! how ur tires holdin up , mine were new and starting to look horrible , im hoping none blow this sunday with 21 ah wired in as of now.a guy on endless sphere made a mountain bike with a scott motor and geared it for 25 fearing goin faster lmao , i know people that pedal to 30 on mountain bikes.
yes my motor had all the bubble and news paper but even a moron would know that think would shift at 51 lbs.i read recently that most retailers pack 35 ah batteries individually which is nice when i have a reason to buy some.the funny part is you have even more potential in that kart, a simple mod would be 20 tooth and 60 volt and u will detach ur retinas !
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