If you have a cheap supplier for motors, batteries, or anything that is of use for a scooter or E.V.
list it here for all to enjoy!

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By ElectricRay
Just polling you guys on past experiences, but how does TNC handle back ordering?

Anyways, I ordered a few parts last night, and I got a tracking number this morning. Everything is fine and dandy, so I thought. Then, this afternoon, I got a notice from PayPal saying that my payment to TNC has been refunded. Looking at the comment, it says the controller in my shopping cart won't be in for 10 days. Inaccurate inventory count from their website is okay, but they canceled my entire order. Do I just keep calling to check on the controller and reorder everything again on a later date?

I work with Goped parts a lot, and DDM would first ship everything in stock. Back ordered items would then ship incrementally with no additional shipping cost. I'd expect TNC to ofter the same service, but maybe not?

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By ElectricRay
Don't know what's going on. Their website is still showing stock, and there are more than 10 in their Ebay store. Any other good place to order a 48V controller and other miscellaneous parts? I don't might pay a little more for service.
depending on what you're looking for...what kind of 48v controller? High amp? flexible? You can get a cheap 30amp 36v controller that will run @ 48v. there's
monsterscooterparts.com <- cheap(low price not junk) razor stuff
scootersupport.com <- kind of shady but have random stuff no one else has like my brake pads and the elusive LB37
kellycontroller.com <- high end controllers but reasonable prices on some. you could get a 48v 100a controller/throttle for under $100.
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By ElectricRay
Thanks, and I will give these suggested suppliers a shot. I am trying to get a 48V 1000W motor powered on our original version of Razor Ground Force go kart as a starter project. I was trying to get a simple T4830 from TNC to see how it will run, but I didn't expect the difficulty in ordering it.
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By scootthis
FWIW, Cliff at TNC told me yesterday that he has got an overseas shipment tied up in Memphis customs at the moment and expects once that gets broke loose here soon that a lot of stock will be back in inventory. Btw, if Cliff ever gets those LB37's back in stock I think I'll opt to pay his $35 over scootersupports' $81.95. Whooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwweeeeeeeeeeeeee that place is steep! But hey they do have it in stock howevah. lol

Right?! @ $82 you could get a Kelly for $60!!!! I paid $60 for my 100a that came with a throttle. I should have done my homework. I didn't realize you could program a $60 kelly with your lvc! That intself is worth the price of admisson.

I hear you ray, TNC has that cheapo 48v 40amp...I was planning on getting 1 for my dual motor e300. I might not have to though, both of my MX controllers magicly started working again so I may be in luck.
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By scootthis

Where do ya gets that sort of Kelly for $60? Only gotten through Kelly.com I take it? What model do ya recommend?

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By scootthis
I take it you're referring to this model 48v which now I'm seriously considering but on 48v SLA.

http://kellycontroller.com/kds48100100a ... p-284.html

50A continuous, peaks at 100A. Loudy. Yeah. Powah. Oooooooooooo. Or maybe this model at 30A continuous instead, peaks at 50A?......

http://kellycontroller.com/kds48050e50a ... p-282.html

Bang for the buck how can you beat these? Yeah they're mo' expensive but geez look what ya get.

Btw, on the second unit @ 30A continuous, peaks at 50A. Does this mean the circuit breaker should be above 30A to handle peaks or it'll be constantly tripping? But I don't know man. If I ran a 36v, 800watt motor I have in mind mebbe 100A is too much so the second unit is the way to go with let's say 13t x 70t. The reason why I'm going with this particular 36v motor btw is that it's a straight retrofit supposedly.


Speaking of power......I'm waiting for someone to stick one of these on an E300. Look at the download specs for the motor. And it's regenerative. And the kit price! Yowza!

The only thing I can tell you is that I bought a 100a controller with a 250A breaker. It's a 12v breaker so @ 48v it's rated @62.5a I climbed a hill so steep I came to a standstill and it didn't trip. I connected a 30a fuse to it and it ran @ 1mph and blew as soon as I passed 1/2 throttle.
I'm assuming those blade fuses are all 12v auto fuses. so divide 12v by your pack(24,36,48,whatever) then multiply the fuse amps...
say a 30a fuse on a 30a controller on 24v is 15amps to the motor while 36v it's 10amps, so I could go up to 40a and see a little more kick in my scoot.
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By ElectricRay
Thanks all for the suggestions, especially from bassiclyLouDog.

I've reordered my cart minus the controller with some extra new items, and it looks like my order is on the way from TNC to me. Kelly seems to make one of the least costly programmable controllers, so I've ordered one of their 48V ones.
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