If you have a cheap supplier for motors, batteries, or anything that is of use for a scooter or E.V.
list it here for all to enjoy!

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By 3DBD25
So I have been buying parts from Super Scooter Sales out of South Carolina lately, until 3 days ago.

Over and over they would send me the wrong parts, broken parts and used parts. They they made ME pay return shipping AND re-shipping of any broken items and tried to blame ME for receiving a broken item. Mind you I agreed to pay upgraded shipping to them but the fact remains they should be covering the standard speed return shipping.

For instance, I bought a tubeless tire from them, they sent me one with a tube in it and the tire itself had no psi markings. I had to call them to ask what to inflate to as I received no paperwork at all. They told me 30psi, so about 28psi into the tire it kicks out a nice nasty nipple. Super Scooter Sales told me I had to pay return shipping to get it fixed. Once they received the tire they called me and asked why I put a tube in it, I simply told them that the reason I am sending the tire to them to fix is because I couldn't find anyone to change the tubeless tire so there is no way i could have put one in there. Then they said "O it must have come off of one of our floor models". They continued to tell me this was 90% my fault because I am buying parts for a scooter they don't sell. So somehow, the fact that they sent me a tubeless tire with a tube in it, that's 90% my fault because i intended to put it on a scooter they do not sell. That is just the tip of the iceberg with the nonsense i went through over the last couple weeks.

I had to write a series of emails and after no positive response, I then filed a complaint with the better business bureau. 48 hours later I received a refund for both shipping charges along with a refund for the used parts they sent me. No apology, no explanation, just a refund. That is not how we do business in America.

Those people over there are just scam artists. I had a long talk with Chris about a month ago and he struck me as an honest person, but after ordering a few parts and experiencing how they treat their customers, I have since decided never to do business with them again. I was going to make a youtube video comparing their scooters to mine which was purchased from scooterwholesales, but after this string of bull$hit, he can literally go to hell.

I am posting this so that other people can think twice before they purchase an expensive scooter and expect support or honest dealings. Super Scooter Sales is a dishonest business who will scam you, lie to you, steal your money and then sit on it until you go to the better business bureau.


Rant over.


By 3DBD25
the fact that he admitted fault at the very end is why the complaint through the BBB went through.

he literally admitted its his fault yet refused to refund me shipping charges.

I had to pay my own shipping for a broken part, then they agreed to upgrade me from standard shipping to 2-day at their expense AND IT COMES 3 DAYS LATER.

to which their response is, we do not work for Fed Ex.

NO $HIT you don't work for fedex but when a customer pays for 2-day and it shows up in 3, you get a refund.

Yes also they advertise their tire as being 12" x 4" , well its not, I have two of them and they are 11.25" x 3.5"

another piece of bologna from the company who claims they are the only ones NOT to exaggerate claims. yeah, ok.

Are there any intelligent honest people left in this industry? I don't think there are...Someone please prove me wrong, or I'm going to switch hobbies.
By 3DBD25
kelly runs great now the problem is the BMS which was supposed to be 60A continuous 120A for a minute, turns out its 30A straight up. if i give it anything more than that for say 3+ seconds. it pops. gotta pull over and reset the battery plug. so im looking into a better BMS and bigger fuses as i have 60A fuses, but prefer 100A, then gotta upgrade the wire that came with the chinese battery pack as its only 12 gauge. that aint going to work for 60A+ lol
most bms use a standard plug so if it does its mostly plug and play
(main power neg wire is soldared to the board)

take the battery apart carefully and send a pic of the bms
then we will get started
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By mikectm2
I have a Supercycles & Scooters 1500W scooter that i've definately enjoyed for over a year.

The brushless motor has just died. I used this scooter 5 times a week, every week. i'm a typical big dude, 230lbs.

I'm about to find out! ....if Supercycles & Scooters is going to be able to give me a new motor, etc

I will post my experience in this Thread.

Is there any scooter Store/Shop in the Southern California area ?

Or does anyone know a Hobbist (from these Forums ) in the So Cal area, that may be willing to offer assistance ?

I'm hoping i'm able to repair this scooter. Then i plan to sell it. Wish there was a place/shop in California, or even better, southern california, where i could purchase my next electric scooter.

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