If you have a cheap supplier for motors, batteries, or anything that is of use for a scooter or E.V.
list it here for all to enjoy!

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So far it's been Napa Auto Parts. High quality - reasonably priced. Insulateds, weatherproofs, bigger gauges like 10 -12 awg, odd ball connector/terminal stuff, you name it they had it. They had U.S. made wire in bulk, cut/priced by the foot. The quality was readily apparent especially when it came time to strip and the insulation sheared off clean and the strands kept their conformity and integrity. Forget Radio Shack they didn't have jack. I was surprised how hard it was to find quality terminals and such much less for bigger gauges.

I can go to an electronics place like Fry's but it's out of the way. Napa's are pretty much everywhere. Home Depot had some stuff but not as extensive and it wasn't cheaper than Napa nor was the quality or selection at the same level.


Yeah I agree if you want Local Napa has a good selection of stuff. It is pricey though. If you don't mind using ebay and buying in bulk.

I like this guy he sells insulated connectors in every size cheap.
http://stores.ebay.com/soundextremestor ... 34.c0.m322

This guy for cheap UR Splices for lights and stuff. http://cgi.ebay.com/UR-SPLICE-CONNECTOR ... 43a3b502f7

Male to female 1/4 spade adapter Y adapters http://cgi.ebay.com/One-Male-2-Male-Ter ... 5ad291edfe He also has a ton of insulated connectors also.

and this guy for Flag terminals
http://shop.ebay.com/cwc2337/m.html?_nk ... m270.l1313
Great sources, Blake. This rocks. Yeah Napa comes in handy when you can't wait to get your fix in time for the weekend. :mrgreen:

Btw on the U.S. made wire at Napa, I suspect (by only one observation so far) that the quality/copper purity might make a difference in certain applications. I definitely noticed a difference in how the individual strands were able to take a bit more flexing before breaking off compared to some 'imported' stuff I had laying around. Another observation: the copper seemed 'shinier' - of course I really don't know if that by itself is any reliable quality gauge. Someone good with ohms/resistance could probably do a better job here. ;) Maybe how the different quality grades in speaker wire make a difference in high-end stereo equipment also applies to some scooter apps.

I've seen some stranded wire advertised as "tinned". That may make an appearance difference, but I'm not sure if that accounts for the "shinyness" you talked about.

I've used NAPA stuff. It's good, and convenient, but you can likely do better for larger quantities if you have a few days to wait for shipping.

AutoZone also has good quality, but you have to pay the price, of course. I believe that a couple bucks extra spent on a switch, for example, might prevent a disaster. Just peace of mind for me.

I use RadioShack only as a last resort! I bought a hooded safety toggle at the store (I already had their part number from online) and had to show the clerk where they were. All he wanted to do (or knew ANYTHING about) was sell me a cell phone plan. I brought the switch home and tried to install it, but it was so cheaply made that I returned it. A plastic threaded barrel with a thin plastic nut. Never could get it tight enough before it jumped a thread. A waste or our resources. Siriusly, we need to stop buying this crap entirely! Frankly, I don't understand how RS stays in business. Has to be a front for something profitable?

BTW, after I returned the switch to RS, I went to AutoZone and bought a similar (but MUCH better quality) switch. Even had a lot more choices on the hooks to see, as opposed to having to paw thru drawers filled with bags that you can't see what's in them. I wonder if the management ever goes shoppping in their own stores? :x

Thanks for the post and the links.
Yeah no kidding on Radio Shack. I went there they wanted almost a buck a piece for those UR Splices I linked to above. Then I asked for a Standard S- Connector like this I explained it to two people they were both clueless. I Agree they just want to sell cell phones. They don't carry half the stuff they used to it seems.

Another place I like to go locally is my local Farm and Ranch store like Atwoods or Tractory Supply Company they have large selections of stuff but its still not as cheap as in bulk online but great in a pinch. Their wire is cheaper than I can find anywhere at Atwoods.
After I posted this I went by an Autozone and Pepboys (and before I read your posts) for something else besides terminals. Was pleased to find that they had quality stuff that pretty much matched up to Napa's. I was especially glad to find out that they too had U.S. made wire albeit in pre-packaged 12 ft rolls and not cut to length. Although I didn't ask about that so I may be wrong in that assumption. So as you both have indicated not only Napa carries the good stuff.

My observations regarding RS as of late is exactly as both of you. Someone told me recently that they're going after retail sales like Best Buy does - everything but the electronics parts chain they were once known for. Most of us either knew them for Tandy or Archer crap and the once in a great while tidbit of quality that somehow got past their QC. lol

And of course waaaaaaaay back when they did have fun catalogs to peruse.

Obviously Radio Shack has left their roots shallow as they were, but were nonetheless a convenient place around the corner for a quick transistor and a state o' the art superheterodyne receiver. ;) As a kid to this day (I'm 56) I'll never forget that special smell when you cracked open the case to a transistor radio. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was like whiffing the paper a test was printed on when I was in elementary school. I think I got high and that may have affected my grades. lol

Man, times have changed.


edit.....Btw re the wire shininess that may be just my imagination or it may be a subliminally noted deeper color, gloss, what have you. I don't think they were tinned though. Maybe it's just plain purer copper kinda like jewelry gold color is different depending on purity?
Yeah, I forgot about PepBoys. I've been able to find what I wanted in there about 75% of the time. I've mostly bought carded wire terminals, and also three Vector battery chargers which I would not recommend (but that's not PepBoy's fault).
The ONLY thing I can use from Radio Shack is thier 12ga wire is 22ft for $5...they don't sell any terminals or switches.
I go to the harware store for ring term, shielded spades, and regular butt connectors. All I need...maybe. If I do need a switch I'll run to advance auto. Lowe's HAD my black and decker vector charger, but it disappeared! It's hard to find low amp chargers. I got the last 2/8/12a at walmart for $35. the 2/4/6a was $30
I buy powerpoles on ebay from spaceghost1 for around $1 each...pricey but they work.
LOL yep thats Radio Shack for you. I went in there on a quick trip for some 10G wire a month ago. Soon the guy was busy working on my GF trying to convince her to buy a new cell phone. Despite my suggestions to say no and do some research, she went ahead and signed the contract. The phone ended up being a piece of junk so she had to spend another 2hours at the store the next day returning the phone. After that nightmare I fired Radio Shack. :D
gameboy wrote:what guage wire is that "S" connector? that will make a huge difference in your build

here is the link to a 18ga. and a 10ga. "S" connector

http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-st ... 0/-/1.html

http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-st ... G/-/1.html

and they are less expensive.
Those were small 18ga. I was only using them for charging adapters for PW that would have 2 amps running on them. My schwinn scooter does use the larger ones on the battery connections.
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