If your scooter is faster than 33mph, then post the info and the picss here
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parts list for those looking to duplicate

junk mx500 60 bux
leeson .75hp ebay deal 60 bux shipped
yk43b from china 42 shipped
17 tooth 5/8 bore sprocket surplus center 10 bux
10 feet chain 20 bux
3 18ah batteries 101 bux ebay
8gauge wire and connectors 12 bux
300amp switch 15 bux
large aluminum L 2inch by 3 inch bracket for motor mount 12 bux
hose clamps 5 bux
master links and half link 8 bux shipped
345 bux but i already had the controller , and the switch , and the hardware.. but assuming you can find a cheap mx500 , and a cheap industrial you can do it , it takes scouring ebay and craigslist daily, being lazy this build will cost you 800 just for the motor and bike.

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