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By spacegravity4me
I really would love to be able to hit 40 but still have a good, decent battery life of about 2 hours. Is it possible and if so how?

By spacegravity4me
lol. well. I was hoping for something more specific but okay. I was thinking about picking up a honda ruckus and then the thought crossed my mind about what it'd take to make the e300 remotely close to a "real" scooter.
By TheBoffin
Fair enough... A few concerns arise that I can see. The E300 is a rather small platform with very small tires. Might be a bit unstable at the speeds that you are trying to reach. Gearing... With the small tires, assuming an 11/55 setup your motor would have to turn 7000RPM, only obtainable by brushless, which is fine. You will need some serious battery power, however, and space is going to become a big issue in a hurry. Most brushless setups will run [about] 150RPM per volt, so a 48V ststem will be required. expect to spend $300-$600 on the motor alone, and a good $200 or so on the controller that you will need. Batteries and charger are going to eat up [most] of your budget. LiPo batteries are about your only hope for even thinking about fitting the required battery ammount on that small of a frame 3x6S packs will give you ~45VDC nominal, which should be close enough. At 5000mAh per pack you will need upwards of 18-21(ish) of those packs to have enough run time, and that is VERY dependent on rider and terrain. at $60 per pack, there is a nice $1100 plus shipping, and you still need a BMS and charger. Expect to pay around $200 for a good 6S charger, and be prepared for it to take a while for the batteries to charge. So there is your budget (a bit over) and that still does not address any of the space issues. Your battery pack will be in the neighborhood of 9" x 5" x 12", which could be spread out or configured differently of course, just wanted to give a "block" size estimate. This is not taking into account all of the misc brackets fabrication and connectors as well. is it possible? Sure, anything is possible. Feasable? Meh, I guess I don't see the point. Don't just take my word either. I'm sure someone else will want to chime in and pick apart what I have said and add their own .02 as well :)


I forgot to even get into the brakes... Band brakes will be utterly useless, so something will have to be changed there. Also, what are your legal limitations? I know around here 15MPH is the "cap" for an electric scooter to be "legal". Mine does 20MPH, and I have not been hastled, yet, but I know if I was passing cars that would be a different story :)
By spacegravity4me
WOW! Probably the BEST answer to any thread I've ever seen. That all sounds incredibly complicated and expensive. I'm thinking if i had to go electric it'd be easier to buy one of those street legal chinese scooters. I think I'll just go with the ruckus or a motorcycle though lol. But thanks man. Definitely answered my question.
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