If your scooter is faster than 33mph, then post the info and the picss here
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Tks Rob..No need for a link rob..just go to surplus center website..or call ask for item #11-3299..$8.95 with a removable key, waterproof and has a dusk cover for the removable key..nice lil switch for $9 and holds up to high amps..doenst get any better than this..other switches..like this is not waterproof,high amps and comes with a dust cover. My opinion is all modified scooters should have one...just to prevent runaways..until it

Rob...Just got the 1 hp LEESON today...all I can say is WOW!!!..Brand spanking new...just like a babys bottom...I couldnt be more happy...perfect size..also considering tnc just raised the price on the motors and i didnt see the 24/36 volt 1000watt..the
..Its a nice size motor and not too heavy..weight is just right...compared to the 3.6..this is feather weight....perfect for our builds...im stolked...gonna run some wires to if from the 36 and 48 volt and see how it runs..whooohoo! Here we go...
Brand New 1hp Leeson...just got it...straight from box to quick hook up on scooter..36 volts and 48 volts. This thing hums...POWER...sounds Like a centrifugal blower..smooth from throttle to full open...
THRILCKR wrote:Not scared.and far from...ordering a 56 electric motor plate , kill switch, resettable breaker..and 100amp controller...here we go...
awesome, i have a 67.5 breaker on my scooter ! good luck lookin forward to pics.
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