If your scooter is faster than 33mph, then post the info and the picss here
this is done at *YOUR OWN RISK* and the forum or its owner is not liable for your injuries.

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Nice! The Rocket Mod hauls. Funny how you pretty much just see a blue blur going by :lol: Great work!
thanks man, its as fast as were gonna go , could I gear it to do 50 , no problem, but whos gonna ride it?? its got good acceleration to the high 30s , and still faster than my s750 ..but it gets hairy above 30, so this will be it.
my motor is the 1725 rpm oloder version of the 1800 rpm leeson, otherwise all specs are the same , but the 1800 is a better design with rear venting near the brushes and commutator.we could gear that sucker to run 50 on 36 volts but geared for 37 running 36 volts is fine.. not to mention i could run it on 72 volts which i have and it never got hot , my buddy simply wrecked the vehicle.. Its running the yk43b 100 amp controller with all 10 gauge wire, the pocket mod has 21 -55 gearing in the rear, the sprocket is from surplus center, its running 25 chain, at max charge 39 v the motor is spinning at 2801 rpm , it still climbs hillls easily, any hill that is.. when geared for 23 it would climb a wall.its secured with 2 l beams cradling it , then 2 massive hose clamps holding it in , rock solid ! the scooter is as quiet as stock , i set the chain very tight and let it stretch itself in for the perfect tension..although rating looks similar, its about 2 times the power of my 750watt currie motor and simply walks away even though my currie is geared for 22.on 60v , gearing this motor for 60 mph would be no issue at all, with good acceleration i kid u not..I wish id started the hobby with these motors and not wasted my time with unite and currie scooter motors , they are just built to fry themselves..Its not that much smaller than the 3.6 so id still mount the 3.6 to the xtreme 600.
Thanks rob....im looking for some thing a lil more compact for the extreme chassis..as i need to transport it...i have 2 go quad chassis well suited for the 3.6.
How much smaller is the lesson than the 3.6
no much man, maybe 6 lbs and 2 inches less diameter.. its also longer than the imperial... what do u mean transport ?? the leeson is more appropriate , the 3.6 is beyond overkill.. we do high 30s with lesson and it will carry us up any hill in NYC ..Unless you have to carry it up stairs, id forget the weight issue if u wanna have adult accceleration.otherwise keeep ur stock motor, and simply add 100 amp controller, it will be way improved , but still light.
The quad chassis would be a sick idea, especially with a wheelie bar setup with 2 skate board wheels , or for offroad as is.
Rob, transportable meaning more compact..its already a heavy pig with slas..i also have a honda mini moto go kart which is another good build for the 3.6..your new dune buggy looks cool with the massive 3.6. I think the lassen is more suited for xtreme chassis and its own is way
yes, the leeson os more appropriate for anything on 2 wheels, id put the imperial on a kart or something really heavy like an entry level motorcycle from the junkyard and gear it for 50.
id gear the leeeson to do 40 on the 600, when u need the math done hit me up.i mean we could do 50 on the mpocket mod but not worth it , it accelerates nice and smooth to high 30s and still climbs any hill in NYC... the 600 has suspension so u have more options.. Id run the stock 36 v into the leeson with yk43b , and use the stock charging port.geared for 23 or less is insane , but fun, ur rpm at full charge will be 2801 , or almost the exact same as a stock unite motor.. so u will need a very light ratio to make it driveable..the 3.6 drarfs the leeson more than I imagined , the sheer outside diameter is crazy.. the leeson would be more appropriate for most razor products.. the dune buggy has suspension and 4 wheels , and handles great s not to mention a disc brake , its almost the ideal platforum. we will have the motor mounted and chained up next week, and the week after that we will take a test drive.the biggest step for you is getting a sprocket , and mounting a motor.. then the worlds ur oyster and u can go as fast as you want ! btw , the dune buggy is geared for 52!
Hey Thril,

Is that ysr rolling chassis you mentioned a Yamaha YSR50? If so, that would make a sick platform to put the 3.6 in! Plenty of race parts available for suspension and brake upgrades would make that a real treat to take to a go-kart track.
Yup, looks like that minimoto kart would make a great street ride. The guy in the video found his kart in the trash in THAT condition? Sheesh!
thats insane considering tthe retail cost back then.. i think it needs to be extended for an adult but perfect overkill chassis as i look closer.the dune buggy can flip, but takes a crazy turn to do that, and with rough queens rds its the ideal chassis for speed.i dont know how this will run , but were i him id do the minimoto geared for 35 plus.
Mautis..yes its a yamaha ysr 50..that 3.6 is a good chassis for it. Back in 87 I got one of the 1st one that came here. I got so much attention..so had to get one for o'time sakes..thanks for the info rob as usual ur the man...the honda mini moto kart used a 25 chain fyi.. I have a stretched chain go quad frame set up for polini motor...might go there or the ysr...but i have the leeson motor coming and its going on the extreme chassis...got theetreme dirt cheap $75 bucks just needed batteries. Scored (4) 12v 12ah brand new yesterday off craigslist....if anyone is interested there is a complete running extreme 600 clean for $180 on craigslist...i hit u up later rob for tech..thanks guys...
Rob check out on youtube..EX 500 WATT NOW 49cc cvt. They are well built and over built. A good plateform if u can find one...has real live axle, spring loaded ft/rear bumpers, tube chassis and disk brakes. Ail cramp but my friends are 6:2 220 lbs with the 49 cc 2 stroke ported with the gear box moves him fairly well..he can drift it around turns...im looking forward to ur 3.6 buggy build...have fun building....thats my favorite part
Yeh did the measurements it probally 5/8 as its american made and spec. All imports use mm. Howz the buggy and the 3.6 coming along..i do have some formed end brackets that fit the 3.6 circumference perfectly if you need and end mount plate and its about 1/4 inch thick aluminium
With that 3.6 you should buy a snow plow attachment from surplus center .attach it to your buggy ad use it to clear your driveway..im sure it has way enuff torque to do the job..from floor scubber to mini snow plow....:)
lol, i thought about a snowmobile.. anything snow related!!! and yes, i will test it in the snow when done .. I dont do any work M-f because i work so far from my gf's where the kart is.. I dont need any brackets, this is child's play, the motor basically rolls right into place (-; just need 2 L beams to cradle it then bolt and strap it down.The motor will be mounted this saturday ,and the follwing week will be the first test drive as the controller wont be here till them.

also , I never measured ur motor , remember yours is the latest version , mines old and 1725 rpm.. But im confident leeson didnt switch over to metric in the meantime.
Thanks rob..waiting for it to come.. test fit, fab up motor mount...order contoller...u d say the 24-70volt "Y"controller doesnt have charge capabilities?....if so ill rig it to charge separately or use 2 24 volt charger to charge for 48 volts
yep, i do same for charging, i literally charge right to the battery pack.. so the negative off the 3 prong charger port to the negative side of battery pack out put, and the positve to pos,.. works fine , been doin it for almost a yr..if u do it with 2 24v chargers like i do , put a switch between the 2 packs in the 48volt pack so when riding its 48v and when charging its 2 lonely 24v packs.
I very meticulous and through with everything i build...im looking at resilent mounts or build one completely from scratch. Probably notch the frame build a mount with a Slide plate with both ends supported with end mounts. Integrate the mount into the swing arm and reinforce the swing arm as the swing arm material is very thin. I think the motor comes with a bottom mount...well see when I get it..that might change things as what u think isnt always what it is when u actually mock up
My version came with mount plate but i t was made to flex...no good..also mine has aluminum front and rrar caps , only the armature surrounding was steel..so i made a simple interference mount with l brackets and hose clamps...no issue at all...its cradled and pinned down.
i ran the yk43-4 at 72 volts , 100 amps on the green e200 with leeson motor that almost killed my buddy.. the controller blew up and locked at full throttle, it was scary but man did it fly.. that makes me assume the yk43-4s also runs at 72 but id install a kill switch.. the best model for this experiemt is likely the yk43b that is the most robust built and already set for 60 v.
Yeh! The e200 is a lil small for for that much power..not fun when u get a runaway. Glad to hear he was ok...and yes safety 1st kill switch along with setting up breakers at the appropriate amperage so it will shut down or trip before thelimit of of the controller..but of course you had to push it to see its parameters where it would fail..thanks for that
Im going to get a variety of front sprockets about 1/2 dozen of various sizes...its the only way to get it the way you want it... probably do 36 1st then 48...and 60 just to try it out...anything more it will be a kelley..fyi surplus center has the keyed shut off switch..water proof, 12vdv, 100amp, 200 amp surge $8.95 item#11-3299
awesome , share a link.. also note whatever sprockets u get start with the 17tooth 5/8 bore and work up//17, 21, 26, 31, 34 etc..the 17 is ideal for scary torque if u decide to stay go to 60 v and still have insane top speed.
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