If your scooter is faster than 33mph, then post the info and the picss here
this is done at *YOUR OWN RISK* and the forum or its owner is not liable for your injuries.

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By aidanworthington
Hello here is my emax 110s fitted with a lipo4 120ah battery
and iv fully derestricted it (some geek in london flashed the ecu for me)
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By aidanworthington
You must have some balls to do that
are you takeing a supply off bog paper for after the test run.
50mph wow !!!!!!!
By Saintmythi
this makes me want to throw my hat in the ring with bravo. but i don't have a long flat road or the mind to try it.
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By aidanworthington

when my next build is compleat(brushless drive system) il shoot for 65.5mph on a e300
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By Saintmythi
lol, the raid will continue than with the stig. my white imod i want to do all out brush-less in-hub 14". and will do disks. which I'm sure you will make something else faster. Until 1 of us die in a horrible ball of electrical fire.
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