If your scooter is faster than 33mph, then post the info and the picss here
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sickkkkk, im guessing my 42 mph kart pushed 7200 ish watts, so very few ppl get to post in these last few sections.aidens moped is likely 10kw, im sad ur selling it and hope u log in to help people goin forward with your rc expertise.your build will be legend status, btw , i grabbed a mx500 yesterday , check projects
Thanks robnewyork. I'm still not sure if I'm selling it. I doubt anyone will pay atleast $1200 for it. I was surprised it hit that speed only at 33.6volts. If I mount 10s, 50+mph would be seen. Highest mph hit in less than 200ft was 41mph with fully charged battery and the controller settings messed with.
idk, im stripping and painting now , as seen in project thread. gonna run the stock motor on 100 amps today , see how long before it fries and dies.. then run a 750 watt just under wheelie power for 20 mph top speed, commuter for beer runs and thats about it, i may pull slight wheelies , but not severe , did that once and got mangled.got 3 12ah batts and the yk43b sitting here, may as well use em.if still too weak i will use one of my industrial motors and get a rebel gear sprocket on back.
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