If your scooter is faster than 33mph, then post the info and the picss here
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By McDesign
I put on a 55t sprocket to replace the 80t I had on there - only I get to ride it! Didn't get the wife to motorpace me this afternoon, but it calculates out to ~34 mph. Darned fast - brake fade is near-instantaneous and smoky/smelly - this one has a freewheel, so no motor-braking.

I'll try to get official results and video up tomorrow - charging now, as I work on a motorized bicycle project -
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By tww
friedwires wrote:once you get past 15mph,those band brakes are useless.
I thought they were always useless. I know that Model T's came with a similar set up, they are notorious for puking it in as little as 200 miles.
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By timmy2time
I have a monster size band brake on my front 8inch wheel and it stops on a dime. If going down a hill, it stops with lots of power but to try to maintain a slow speed down a steep hill, it will over heat and fade. I have the best possible band brake set up and can clarify that band brakes suck. If you want some serious brakes go for the disc brake. And on as many wheels you have on your scooter.
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By bassiclyLouDog
both bikes I want to hit more than 30mph on are rear band brakes...ha ha! I am just extra careful. When I do a speed test I have a long stretch of empty road. 1/4 almost and another length of dirt road on top of that if I need it. I hit 26mph and tried to stop and the brake cable popped off! stetched the spring stripped the screw. A whole do over. ceremaic are a whoppin $8. get discs! the most important part is the bracket on the fork to attach the caliper. All the forks you have for the tadpoles have disc brackets. You just need a caliper and small disc. most likely a tire with threads for the disc.
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