If your pocket bike is this fast, we want to hear about it.
this is done at *YOUR OWN RISK* and the forum or its owner is not liable for your injuries.

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let me start off by saying what a great day, it is sunny little breeze, plenty of birds and open roads.
now i don't know if this is allowed but i'm going to do it anyways, i did it! i can die happy now. new member to the over 33mph. don't really know if bravo counts as a pocket bike :D , but it is smaller than a vintage cafe racer. and that's a small bike. to a modern dirt bike it looks like the size of an 80cc. with a trunk. rewired it all and checked every connection. wired in 1 of the old yk43b's that i thought were dead. added a fan, switch and a voltmeter on the 1 battery. it may not look very good, but this is a loose mockup and will be prettier as time goes on. i took it around the short loop in the neighborhood 1.5miles. after the controller was warm and so was a spot on the motor. not to bad. here is the pics.
with the placement of the controller, i don't know how i feel about another fan being right there. think i will hit my brother up for a heat-sink and some thermal glue.
as if you couldn't just take my word for it. 34.1 remember we are in a canyon and will loose signal most of the time. i didn't want to take it faster since the rear brake was useless. it had some push back to it when i hit the front brake but i think i will take it in. brakes and their cables suck. :x more to come but for now i made it.

next we have harleen. a 12v hallmark .5hp on yk43b 36v 12ah. as seen before we were close but it needed more. last night i wired up 3 12ah and replaced the 10's. charged and put it on the floor pan of charzard and carried it to the flat land. were it did 33 even.
he still wants longer run time so the plane is still saddle bags and bigger batteries. this thing was work. we got it every wire cut from the controller, motor shot, no throttle, no seat mount, bent frame, no power switch. but we started from the bottom, now were here! have a great day everyone! 6/2/14 first 2 for 1 hall of fame GYSOT!

wow, awesome news, i figured the yk43bs were alive , and the fan is perfect size..u def need brakes when goin 34 mph lol.. get them professionally repaired.Goin forward, we know invariable the problem is either the switch , or ur wiring , not the controller lol
only problem i had was on a 5mile track the switch came loose on 1 side i looked down and seen smoke. i tried to put it back on but it burt my hand. locktight and i should be good. now onto the mini bike bitz
alright guys i did some more work to get bravo to run. took it out and it works. haven't hit any bumps very fast but the chan has stayed on, and the bike is a lot more fun to ride.


hole test in a hole

new hole - this is what a 12v 1hp motor on a yk43b pushing 48v will do.
http://s830.photobucket.com/user/vincen ... sort=3&o=2
here is a few videos i got with my friend of bravo running. it was only at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle since charzard can't keep up. but still hold down a solid 20 up the hills.


lite uphill road

lite down hill - flat - long shallow uphill - flat - lite down

thought you might want to see this. so i did it just for you rob. thank you for your help on it my friend. get better!
Grats on both!!!
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