If you have an electric cart thats this fast, we have got to see the video.
this is done at *YOUR OWN RISK* and the forum or its owner is not liable for your injuries.

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second run we tried again , and found the weak link. 50mph is on the horizon, maybe in a week. im pretty happy with 42, over 400 percent the manufacturers top speed. At the rate the kart is pulling amps to do this the silly 12ah batteries give us a small window of opputunity.. the next setup will allow for better acceleration and numerous attempts, although i think we will need just 1 :)

if you dont think it was 42, we have another video that was a different angle on 2nd attempt today.,he was carrying 2 gps devices, not much more we can do.

Fantastic! You went so fast it broke the phone! :D

Was the weak link the batteries? Were they just sagging too much under load? I notice our 12v 15ah SLAs sag like a mofo at WOT.
lmao, yes the g's broke the phone , and yes the amp load just kills the batteries and on run 2 we had no power at all past 39, no pull at all , im gonna rig 21 ah parallell series for next test, should do 45 plus i hope.. we will have better acceleration and not need as much runway as the kart under full throttle geared for 69 stalls when pegged until you hit 15-20.. Basically he will be able to really give it the beans out of the corner and not have to be at a specific speed .50 will be tough either way, but entirely possible for 1 or 2 runs.he didnt hear me yell go as that says something lol.
42 will remain tops , the 21ah batteries set up made this thing an absolute beast, hit the throttle at 20 and it pegged u to the seat , sadly the steering was just too scary for anyone to really go for 50 , but the kart could do it easily.on a better platform the yk43b combined with an industrial motor can get you highway speeds, just dont try it on the razor dune buggy , video later.
robnewyork wrote:the yk43b combined with an industrial motor can get you highway speeds, just dont try it on the razor dune buggy , video later.
Oh goodness. Too funny. Can't wait for the video.
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