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By fbirch
ebay seller mayunstore is offering a 36V, 350W foldable scooter for around $300 ... SwuxFYy2AS

Seems like a good deal. Has anyone tried this scooter or a rebranded cousin? I'm looking for a scooter to use about once per month at a racetrack (for cars, not scooters), where the paddock area is a large (~40 acre) asphalt lot that I need to cross 15-20 times per race weekend. Some guys use golf carts, some use bicycles and I've seen a few Razor E300's as well.
By robnewyork
seems like a good deal , the original versions were 600 bux only about 18 months ago.. kinda slow, the last one I saw here was converted to all wheeel drive with 2 hub motors.
By fbirch
Rob, thanks for the feedback.

I'm also considering the Mototec Rover 500W Li-ion scoter. It's probably overkill for my needs, but I might be willing to spend a bit more if the Mototec offers better overall build quality and long term reliability. Do you think it offers those advantages over the scooter in my original email?

I emailed a couple of online sellers of the Mototec asking a few basic questions - do they sell replacement parts? how much are replacement batteries? etc., and neither seller bothered to even reply. Can you recommend any trustworthy online sellers that will answer emails if I have a problem with the scooter after I receive it? Also, where does one go to buy spare parts for these things? Sorry for all the newbie questions; I'm still coming up to speed
By robnewyork
for real support, u generally need to spend a lot.. To be honest , id buy through ebay.. If theres a problem , DO NOT LEAVE feedback.. then messgae the seller. IF they dont have the part, they will give a partial refund for you to buy the parts etc.. So make sure you do not leave feedback till u have the scooter for a week and rack up 20 miles.
By fbirch
I ended up buying the ebay scooter in the first link. Received it yesterday. I think it'll be fine for my limited application. I'll let everyone know if it's reliable after I've had it a few months. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the threads by people who are building hot rods.
By Jameshatton
I have been through this site and found it a good deal that one must be waiting for. If they are offering 36V, 350W foldable scooter for only $300, then everyone would be buying this. A few days ago while searching for a good Mobility scooter I came across a well renowned site named as spin life, offering Mobility scooters of 25.9V x 10AH Lithium Battery storage and at the lowest price.

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