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By veggysaurus
Hey peeps,

I have found after many trips and lifting the deck to get to my LiPo’s that the standard bolts holding the deck down no longer do the job and slip. I bough stainless ones a while back but it’s the frame threads that seem to be unhappy.

Has anyone come up with other ways of mounting the deck?

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By veggysaurus
Thread of the steel frame is shot. Could retap a larger thread, was just curious if there would be easier ways that haven’t occurred to me.
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By zen_racer
the deck on my Rhino scooter is hinged towards the front and is held in place on the other three sides by velcro. when i first got the scooter i was skeptical about the velcro but having ridden it thru grass, dirt trails, etc i havent run into any issues.

i really like the convenience of being able to lift the deck up without tools for easy access to the batt pack and controller.
during a ride the deck has never shifted in place or felt unsecured... just an idea

After cutting holes into the foam and mounting the[…]