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By raybies

I've noticed that most scooters seem to have an identical frame for a given size;
SXT 1000w
Nitro 1000w
Mach 1 1000w
Big Toys Evo 1000w
UberScoot 1000W
which are all essentially Chinese made, and available for rebranding on Alibaba.

Am I correct, or did somebody design it and the chinese cloned it?
Is there any benefit for going with a particular brand?

They all claim to be good quality, but the design is old, poor and heavy.

I'm looking at getting this: ... w-98-p.asp
But it's seriously expensive (batteries) and a model that looks the same (non LiPo) costs <1/6 from Alibaba ... 29337.html

So is it a case of everybody just reselling the $250 chinese scooter, or do any of them actually add value?

Thanks :)

just buy the cheapest variant, be it sla or lithium , thats ur choice, but YES , most scooter parts are rebranded garbage with the same parts made in a sweat shop and no they dont retool to make less profit..
By raybies
So when companies claim there's to be the best, their in fact just telling everyone they can't be trusted.
Do you know who the original OEM is? The real designers and manufacturers?

Are there any other controllers one could use as an upgrade?

They all seem to also have the same controller:
Application field: All kinds of brush motor powered vehicle and electric brush scooter
Rated power: 200W-1500W
Typical Operating Voltage: 24V 36V 48V
Current: 10A-40A
Basic function: High reliable and anti-runaway security protection;CVT;Voltage managemen;
Vector current management
Optional function: Sports mode; various speed control
Characteristic feature: High reliable and anti-runaway security protection。
Accordant Standard: E-mark CE ROSH QB/T2946-2008
Dimension: L:9.3cm H:6.7cm H:3.2cm
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By maurtis
What we see happening a lot is some company designs a product and offshores the manufacturing to China. Then the assembly line cranks out 1,000 to send to the customer and another 10,000 to sell through their own companies using the same design.

For home brewing, there is a popular but very cheap $25 dual scale refractometer available. I was interested since the price was about half of what you find for what seems to be the exact same model at my local homebrew supply store. I asked my LHBS guy about the difference, and he said that one reason those online models were so cheap is that the scales are wrong and cannot be calibrated to ever be accurate.

He personally knew the designer who sent the plans to China to have them made, but the guy accidentally sent the wrong Brix and OG scales. So when the factory pumped his out and the thousands of copies, they were all wrong! Whoops...

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