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Hi, thank you! :D I have extended it so I could fit in more batteries. It can fit 4 now with the controller which means 48 Volts! I was thinking 1000 Watt motor too. It has pretty much cost me nothing to make so far as I've had alot of stuff lying around :) . Might have to wait to buy the new motor. I was thinking this one:

And this

What do you think?
Hi all.
Had some time off due to lack of money.
Hopefully buying the new motor and batteries this week.
Will post some pictures!

Basically box is complete and painted. Looks a bit ragged so might smooth it a bit but not straight away. Bit is on and does fit 4 batteries and a controller in it.

To be continued
Motor brought. Batteries in the next couple of weeks. Need a rotary switch volt metre, couple if switched and such. And the controller. Will the throttle leaver still work? I'm thinking it should do. Hopefully that picture upload works too.

Right so the motor came today. Its bigger then I thought...

ImageBanana for scale

Heres some picture with the deck on also:

Compare 12V 350W with 48V 1000W:

One with the deck off:

So the stand had to go:

Motor on:

I had to lower it with some wood spacers which isn't ideal really but will do.
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